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The Tremor of the Sacred Harlot

Para ler este texto em Português clique aqui Some considerations on the role of Woman and Sexual Magic The energy of the sacred tremor that passes through the vulgar person enslaves him Whereas this same energy librates the person who is on the path - Yoga Spandakarika All things sexual made sacred by intention or items such as candles and smell are often understood as being sufficient to make the act of sex sacred. By creating an atmosphere experienced to be sacred and call this tantra seem to be often the receipt of sexual magic in the modern western world. There are in particular two attitudes commonly disclosed amongst magicians and “wanna-be magicians’ that would suggest to be produced by distorted views upon sexuality and what makes it sacred. One of these is the idea of woman as merely a receptor for the male power, as a sacred whore, whose magical value is measured by the level of sexual appetite. The other misconception seems to be in regard what makes sex sacre