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The Celestial Essence

Psychology concerns itself with the study of the discrepancy between the objective reality and our subjective perception upon it. This means that psychology can be understood to be a referral to two distinct and different domains of human philosophy. We have a real psychology which concerns itself with the Platonic realism and the supranatural and metaphysical laws for being and potential. Then we have a psychology dealing with the substantial and material. Here the field of psychology occupies itself with the psyches reaction upon the sensual stimuli in the world and how we act upon the world. Since our focus is so much on the material world it is difficult for modern man to envision the disembodied soul and it is almost by proxy we assume the corporeality as a necessity for the soul. This leads further to the importance of personal identity that is a construct molded in the world of manifestation. Our immutable and eternal essence as it descends into the world of manifestation ru

To Bind or Not to Bind

“amen dico vobis quaecumque alligaveritis super terram erunt ligata et in caelo et quaecumque solveritis super terram erunt soluta et in caelo.” Matthew 18:18 The Good Book uses the Latin “ligare” when it speaks of bonds in Matthew 18:18. The same as we find in the word religion or re-ligare, to reunite a bond. To reunite something would indicate that the bond is something that once was in existence and re-ligare can not refer to anything else than a rekindling of what once was and not a new relationship that has ever been. When our ancestors in spirit, such as Giordano Bruno speaks of ligare in terms of manifestation across the golden chain of being he discusses the idea of vinculum. Vinculum also means bond, but in a slightly different way than ligare. A vinculum refers to the limits of a specific passage or grouping. A vinculum is a specific avenue that binds what is desired by using the theory of correspondence.  Ligare is the general bonding, while vinculum refers to the spec