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Mostrando postagens de fevereiro, 2014

The Master of Wolves

The world is what it is. It is a den, a pool, a jungle – of whatever you want to gather around yourself in your enclosure. You make part, you take distance or you take the role of master or slave, chief or subject, head or tale. When we react on something occurring in the field of experience we always do so as head or tail, master or slave. Our reaction to occurrences in the world is often stimulated by the wish and desires of assuming mastery of a situation, and this is only natural and good. Still, true mastery comes with experience and the necessary skills to dominate a situation with finesse, understanding and elegance and this is as true for a master of war as it is for a master of wisdom. But no matter our experience and skill, we all seek to dominate our own life, no matter our lack of excellence in domination, because deep down we all know that mastery is not about domination but about knowing your soul and deepest impulses to such level that you can manoeuvre your life