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Alienation and Conspiracy

The central belief of every moron is that he is the victim of a mysterious conspiracy against his common rights and true deserts. He ascribes all his failure to get on in the world, all of his congenital incapacity and damfoolishness, to the machinations of werewolves assembled in Wall Street, or some other such den of infamy - H.L. Mencken: 1936 Mencken pointed out already in the 30’s how people increasingly saw themselves as victims for men of political and financial hunger and with this pointed out the way towards the climax of conspiracy theories in the 1960s. Conspiracy has probably always been around in the shape of plots and plans to achieve highly personal ends, most commonly vile or sinister. Today a conspiracy always give the idea of a selected gathering of people who driven by power and politics attempts to feed upon people or governments in order to reach their own highly selfish ends. As a psychologist I find it an interesting phenomenon as it is clearly tied in with bo

Imago Angulos Inferni

The spirit host of the cult of Kimbanda is subject for much confusion, both in terms of origins, function and nature. It is like these spirit denizens are provoking more questions than they answer. The most common understanding of these spirits is the one expressed by Umbandistas and Kardescists where the spirits of Kimbanda represents the powers of the left (roughly hell) and thus is a spiritual class in need for spiritual evolution. The idea is that the denizens of hell are vile and evil troublemakers that will evolve if they are used in works for the betterment of humankind. The divine light will then expand in these spirits and they will become baptized and finally obtain salvation. From a traditional perspective this idea is not replicating the whole truth of this mystery as it is lacking in foundation and reasoning. If we attempt to define the nature of Exu with the tools of sacred symbols to aid us I believe a quite different understanding surfaces. The most salient traits

Review: Kiumbanda - A Complete Grammar of the Art of Exu

I have been absorbing this book for some time now and I am surprised there has not been more attention given to it online, and at a time when all the New World traditions seem to be enjoying so much attention in popular occulture. Its a print-on-demand publication that I discovered and bought through lulu.com. I could find little discussion about the content or the credentials of the author so I just took a chance and bought it, based on the fact that Nigel Jackson did the cover art. I was surprised and then thrilled by the quality of this text. Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold is articulate and writes with the insight and enthusiasm of someone who has not only been steeped in the subject but has a tremendous love and respect for it. This devotion is plainly evident in his writing. It contains some of the glitches that these sorts of self-published works tend to have; typos, grammatical issues and or other editing mishaps, but with this text I barely even noticed or cared. This is unusu

The Signs of the Times

When catastrophes hits locations of spiritual prominence, such as Haiti in these days, with New Orleans fresh in memory people naturally ask the question, “why?”. From asking about the whys and the reasons some peculiar ideas surfaces, one of those being what is posed by the Haitian consul in Brazil, Gerge S. Antoine, who suggest that the earthquake might be the consequence of sorcerous activity. Likewise brothers and sisters of Faith question if the practitioners themselves have acted against the Faith and unleashed a form of wrath from beyond. If we look to traditional doctrine I believe the truth surfaces in sad shapes turning this event into a sign of the times. Accepting the cyclical manifestation of material history and its gradual degradation caused by the revolt of the royal warriors, this is largely referred to as “the fall”. The fall caused the axis of the celestial center to move, leading to the poles being inverted. The inversion of the poles leads to yet another conseq