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Ifá Medicine and the Alchemy of Attraction

Osé Èrò means ‘powerful herbs that clean’, but in effectuating an energetic clean-up it also invites in the power of attraction. Osé Èrò is made from osé dudu, or African black soap, which is an ash based product, mainly using the bark and leaves of plantain and cocoa –as well as other herbs such as Shea and Palm oil pods. All vegetalia is sundried and then brought to a process of stirring under heat. Shea butter (which is a natural UV protector) is added to the mixture which is then left aside for two to three weeks to cure. This is the body of the Osé Èrò , which is already in the state it is a powerful medicine in terms of repelling negativity due to its alchemical transformation of benign plants commonly used to venerate Orí, or our consciousness. These plants as they are, is rich in various vitamins (especially A and E) and enzymes that repair the skin, it be wrinkles, blemishes or eczema and in generally maintains the health of the body.  So, this product ben

The Anxiety of Belief

“…whoever is educated [by possibility] remains with anxiety; he does not permit himself to be deceived by its countless falsification and accurately remembers the past. Then the assaults of anxiety, even though they be terrifying, will not be such that he flees from them. For him, anxiety becomes a serving spirit that against its will leads him where he wishes to go.” -           -  Søren Kirkegaard Belief always invites in anxiety, no matter how small it might be, because when we are speaking of belief we are addressing possibility and a security that knows only hooks of clouds, ideas and thoughts laden with securities. The presence of possibility calls us to the crossroad of a thousand worlds where choice and opportunity presents itself. Kirkegaard saw in this form of anxiety an existential dread, which he described as being known from the dizziness it ignited in the believer. The dizziness experienced in front of choices, the dizziness given unto us as we realize we have o