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Under a Green Garland with Corinne Boyer

Books on Herbalism and plant lore are many and quite often repetitive in the information they give to the reader, but this is not the case with Corinne Boyer’s two publications on Troy Books , Under the BrambleArch (2019) and Under the Witching Tree (2016). These two books are the works of a practitioner of the Green Path that accomplished intense communion not only with the Green world, but Nature herself.  Her work reads as warm and vibrant description of the green treasures she found and she manages to replicate the energetic pulse of the talkativeness of plants and the silent wordiness of the trees in ways captivating and stimulating. Corinne’s work I would place in the succession of writers going back to Nicholas Culpepper’s Complete Herbal (1652), through Erasmus Darwin (yes the father of Charles) in his intense ode to the Greenwood called The Botanic Garden (1791) and in particular the second of the two poems, The Loves of the Plants through Richard Folkard’s Plan