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The Magic of Love and the Mystery of the Erotic: I

“A person desires things of this world- but where is the difference of desiring the "Supreme Bliss"? Which is the more selfish? Which is nearer you? Which pleases the Creator more? Are you certain of the Creator's will and are you sure of your own desire? Are you the Creator or just yourself, as you fondly imagine your contents?” AOS – The Book of Pleasure Works of love, works of binding love, works to dominate a beloved, works to get back lost love are probably the life situation people ask for magical aid in more than any other. But when we speak of love we need to be more precise, because love is bound in so many different forms of relationships and sentiments. We know the Greeks had at least six words for love and the form of love most praised seemed to be Philia , which is about the love that infuses and defines friendships. The philosophical work of Epicurus are all about this form of love that he praised higher than anything and we find a similar sent