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The Victim

“It would perhaps be nice to be alternately the victim and the executioner. ”   -           -  Charles Baudelaire The victim, from Latin victima denoting a sacrifice echoing in the Gothic wihs , meaning ‘holy’ and the Germanic weihen ,’ consecrated’ took a long journey until it surfaced in British language in 1650 denoting a person tortured or in deadly suffering until  it Germany 1718 was given the meaning of someone oppressed by people, powers or situations. It is the latter we are accustomed to refer to when we use the term victim in our vernacular. It is a sad condition – because at the root of it all to be a victim is a choice. Because we are a victim only if we choose to be one. I recall a conversation long time back, a friend of mine were a victim of sexual abuse – as I saw it and told her. She got furious; calling her a victim was for her quite different than stating the facts. I got a lesson that day – an insight if you will – and this insight still marks me in a quite wic

The Ink of Stars

Nothing happens to any man that he is not formed by nature to bear. - Marcus Aurelius Modern man struggles constantly with making sense of the world, making sense of his station in the world – with why his experience of the world is as it is. It is constantly an army of questions invading the life of modern man, questions rooted in the question ‘why’ things are as they are. For traditional men these questions were easily answered – it was all about looking to the stars and realizing the unique celestial imprint that made who you are. As we entered the modern era astrology had a revival – but in this revival the practical and pragmatic considerations of astrology was forgotten and astrology was reformed on the desires of modern man. It became a tool for soul searching – to disclose who we really are – but classical astrology is about providing the clues all around in your life and dreams that make it possible for you to realize who you are. Let me take one example, close to the hea