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We Are What We Are?

We all stand on the shoulders of whoever came before us; we speak of ancestry or land these are our two shoulders. We are the living legacy of the past. We embody and act the blessings and the curses, the lessons and the resistance of everything that made us be what we are today. We think this is always beautiful when we place the monocles to our life and see our good deeds and wonderful aspirations and it all goes grim when we expand our vision and start feeling hot, heavy and delirious with the condition of the world. In those moments we don’t see how our self-doubt is used to the vantage of the rulers of the worlds that do not want you to be comfortable in your little cave of light and darkness. We are always called out, to give an opinion or a judgment – and if we don’t, life do it for us when we are in any form of cue or exchange any idea rooted in difference and concord. We start to point fingers to acts generated by bad character and greed, yet we don’t see the charac

New products and discounts at Sacred Alchemy Store

We recently extended our array of products at Sacred Alchemy Store , namely òrìsà statues crafted from wood, authentic Quimbanda patuás/charms/talismans and the idol of Pomba Gira Maria Navalha for protection of women. Also we are offering a 20%discount on dafá/Ifá readings until solstice and we have also managed to offer ose ero, the Ifá medicine embedded in black soap for a reduced price, namely, buy two and get three, so read on and follow the links by a click on the header of each product. Ifá readings We will in the period from 4th of December until Solstice offer 20% off on our Ifá readings - this because many might look for a forecast for the tendencies of the upcoming year in which Ifá is an excellent option for  such investigation. Please use the discount code 'Orunmila' at check out and the discount will be applied. Triple Ose Ero We are now offering our Ifá medicine, made from black soap infused with secret powders and enchantments for