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On Initiation to Orisa and Ifá

  By: Awo Ifasotito Agbefayelele   A frequent question we have received over the last years concerns ‘having path’ to make orisa or Ifá in the sense of being accepted by orisa to initiate. From a traditional perspective this idea of making a divination to see ‘if’ you can initiate doesn’t make much sense looking at this question from within tradition. This, because initiation is a good thing for everyone, so in terms of divination it is not about to see if orisa accept you, but to see how your spiritual dynamic is construed and what spiritual steps would be better for each and every person. In traditional Ifa we can point out four spiritual steps that stands out as important for many and of these four, the first three would be beneficial to do for every one of a sound and good mind and heart. These steps are: 1.       Esentaye/Ori ceremony which commonly is done and given in the first week of an infant’s life. Esentaye which is the naming ceremony of Ifa is revealing how we ente