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Building the Scintillating Body

A review of: +Palamas:  Spirit Builders . Transmutation Publishing. 2015 Spirit Builders is an impressive tome. It contains everything relevant to the ritual part of the rite of Memphis and Misraim in terms of how to awaken the powers within each of the 97 grades and degrees. As for the rites themselves, +Palamas have limited himself to the ‘primitive’ presentation of each degrees with commentaries upon each degree relevant to the approach of Free Illuminism. What is contained in this is basically a one on one direct meeting and merging with the mysteries outside the circle squares as it would be in a traditional Masonic lodge. Hence, what becomes vital in this voluminous tome is to understand the approach itself, as the essence of the rituals themselves is well presented. And in this we find the idea of initiation as a form of awakening to a process that brings on an energetic harmony between body, soul and the mystical experience itself, what + Palamas call ‘a sould

Spirit Workers

Many of us seek magical solutions when life gets hard, but in truth no ‘God’ will not give you what you can’t give yourself, nor give what you can attain by your own divine effort and honest assessment of a situation that reveals the tools and solutions. When life gets rough some of us run towards someone who claims to possess powers or are in the league with some powerful spirit – or makes part of the right ‘party’ or ‘religion’. The common requests are about binding an unwilling object of desire, to get rid of mess you yourself created or to get out of a situation you yourself authored. All this is fine, magic can bind an unwilling lover and silence any opposition, but unless honesty in what is going on is exercised, it will all be just a band aid. As a person who do magic works for people I avoid trashing or blaming the client for ineffective works - because it does happens – but when you are there rubbing your beard wondering why the technology applied that always w

Workings of Magic; Its Wonders and Disappointments

Magic is an Occult Science, not much difference from the field of Epigenetics when it comes to understanding what Giordano Bruno spoke of as the bond between things that causes attraction and rejection and how new bonds can be formed and the unexpected happening. And indeed, this is how complex the magical art is. There are two field related to magic that tend to confuse many of us, these two realms are ‘the miraculous’ and ‘the powerful’. When doing or asking for a magical work sometimes the expectation is the miraculous – and certainly this can occur. A miracle is these wonders that happen that makes us smile in awe. Yet miracles happens when we are already on the right track and the work done is giving that push needed to blaze open a path that is already realized. Or they can be the sudden healing from a simple prayer that has no explanation except for the sincerity of a bad person… because the miraculous is not about merit… The Miraculous Magic CAN cause mi

Stars, Boars, Spirits and Objects of Power; New Products offered at Sacred Alchemy Store!

At Sacred Alchemy Store we have now made available some new services and products, as well as a single offer.  More will come shortly; we are simply just waiting for the products themselves to arrive so they can be made available.  Also we will have an All Hallows give away as well as discount on the majority of our products and services at this time as a belated celebration of the store and to give back to all of you who made this venture to be such a delightful success. You can access the products directly by a click on the header of each product. The new products we made available so far are as follows: The Boar Spirit – Unique Offer To seat a spirit of the woods in a proper vessel is a magical act well known in all corners of the world, most popular through folk magic across the globe that aims to seat a particular virtue within the memory of the one that held that virtue. In this way we find that we can re-create the spirit of a particular vibration us