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Stars, Boars, Spirits and Objects of Power; New Products offered at Sacred Alchemy Store!

At Sacred Alchemy Store we have now made available some new services and products, as well as a single offer. 

More will come shortly; we are simply just waiting for the products themselves to arrive so they can be made available. 

Also we will have an All Hallows give away as well as discount on the majority of our products and services at this time as a belated celebration of the store and to give back to all of you who made this venture to be such a delightful success. You can access the products directly by a click on the header of each product.

The new products we made available so far are as follows:

To seat a spirit of the woods in a proper vessel is a magical act well known in all corners of the world, most popular through folk magic across the globe that aims to seat a particular virtue within the memory of the one that held that virtue. In this way we find that we can re-create the spirit of a particular vibration using remnants and representations of that vibration or force through blood and elements from all kingdoms to take on its prime force.

We have made two boar spirits using the methods and technology of the Norse sages to bring to life two spirits born from nine types of wood, six types of earth, three types of blood and the secrets in-between, to give birth to spirits of courage and bravery.

These spirits have accepted their names and declared their purpose to be true and so we offer them to be taken by whomever see themselves worthy of the bravery and cunning of the boar.

The boar tooth that has been made the home of the spirit, which then have been bound in true silver and real leather, and have accepted to be called by a name proposed to it. The name of the spirits will be given to the future owner, but also it must be guarded and not divulged to anyone, according to custom, lest power is lost, because in knowing the name, in this lays its power… 

Patuá is a tupi word (patauá) meaning ‘bag of leather or cloth we tie to our chest’ as a reference to the bag the hunters were using to gather what they found in the woods it be food, bone, earth, feathers, meat or treasures. It also held the meaning of being an ‘amulet’.
patuá is what Quimbandeiros  often refer to as ‘a gathering of life’, which is the vernacular meaning for what a patuá is, and so a patuá is a gathering of things found to serve a purpose, usually composed of parts mineral, animal and vegetal, that gives a new life and direction.

For the tupi-speaking hunters it was apparently about the sum of what was found, but it was also the methodology that made it possible to carefully assemble  elements in order to give it a direction, a force of its own.
We are offering Quimbanda patuás both with a specific direction and directed to capture the virtue of a particular Exu or Pomba Gira. We have decided to make these patuás in relation to Exu and Pomba Gira as rulers of given kingdoms and a few with a specific direction. If you want more specific patuás, please write us and we can accommodate, but please keep in mind that a patuá for a specific Exu or Pomba Gira can at times also invite in a presence that do its work for good and for ill, so measure well and speak with us before you make your choice so we can arrive at the best solution for you. The options listed below are patuás we have found to give benefit and have no issue making for whomever see to attract these potencies to their lives. Any questions or special request, please do write us at: sacred.alchemy.store@gmail.com

Exu (a generic patuá composed of elements from all nine kingdoms to invite in a dynamic presence of Exu)
Exu Tranca Ruas (for opening roads and be able to make the better choice)
Exu Omolu (for connecting with ancestry and the realm of ancestors)
Pomba Gira (a generic patuá composed of elements from all nine kingdoms to invite in a dynamic presence of Pomba Gira)
Pomba Gira das Praias (for understanding and healing of the emotional realm of being)
Pomba Gira Maria Padilha (for attraction of love and the erotic)
Zé Pelintra (for gaining a gambling hand and the upper hand in business dealings)

These charms are designed to attract benevolence and/or protection against àjé(witches) as well as a greater presence of àjé in ones life. These charms are made under the auspices of Òrúnmìlà and Ìyà Mí Òsòròngá using proper and correct odùand words of power to charge the secret contents by an Awo Ogboni and a Ìyàproperly initiated into the cult of Ìyà Mí Òsòsròngá ensuring that the proper ásé has been encoded in the charm.

Ifá teaches that àjé brings riches as well as cataclysm and emotional stability as well as emotional terror, so these charms invite a keen sense of discernment. If you are in emotional turmoil, protections might be good, if wealth is lingering maybe an invitation is in place.  If you are in doubt of attracting or protecting is better, please feel free to speak with us about which choice might be the wiser one at sacred.alchemy.store@gmail.com

These charms come with a medicine that needs to be applied to the body prior to wearing the charm. The details of the procedure will be provided in the instructions that follow these charms as vesting these powers, it be for benevolence, protection or attraction is an act of magic in itself.

We offer these unique and powerful charms with the following three directions:

Ìmú Ìyàmi for attracting benevolence
Ìmú Ìyàmi for attracting protection
Ìmú Ìyàmi for attracting the presence of àjé (witches)    

This service is aimed towards you who want to know who you are dealing with, it be a partner in crime, a judge, a future employee, lover or partner, friend or foe you want to understand a bit better. It is about addressing the prime nature of the person in question and from this assess discrepancy, compatibility and resonance. You might want to procure this service when you are in doubt of your future mate, if the culprit is guilty or not or most of all when you seek to place the right person in the right position in your company. 

We will need  to know the gender, place, date and time of birth of the person in question to effectuate this service.  

Lastly we also want to inform that we have available two sets of our product Devil & Saint, which are basically St. Cyprian and Exu Meia Noite combined with a vial of oil, guia and rosary that we made ready in the days of St. Cyprian and St. Michael over the course of seven days that also spanned the lunar eclipse in September as Moon entered Aries. We are speaking of the power of thunder and lightening, eclipses, new beginnings and devils and saints working fast. These sets have been endowed with a remarkable amount of virtues. The oleum that comes along with them is a continuation of the root oil made during the feast days of St. Cyprian two years ago that in this case will be vivified and enhanced for the third year bringing in moss, musk and the depth of caves. 

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