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The Silent Craft of the Devil

A Book review of:
Gemma Gary:Silent as the Trees (Troy Books 2017) Gemma Gary: TheDevil’s Dozen (Troy Books 2015)
It is my perception that the term Traditional Witchcraft over the years has become a term used in greater and greater frequency, as the craft has become more inclusive. This might be due to families guarding the craft having been more open with some of their mysteries and have shared in greater degree than before, but there are also two other elements that has contributed to this increase in practitioners of Traditional Craft and Craft circles in themselves. One of them being the greater field of folk magic that utilizes spells and charms that throughout in history was condemned, judged and labelled as ‘witchcraft’, hence practitioners of folk magic might end up seeing their craft as both traditional and as witchcraft. The other factor is born from the spirit of democracy that says we can all be what we want to be because we all are equal. Naturally democracy is a more comple…