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Mostrando postagens de novembro, 2013

This; Our World

I say it a lot, our world is a marketplace. And it is. We make our trades and deals, meet crooks and partners, friends and charlatans. Good moments spills over in bitter moments as tears turns into riddles and despair into laughter – and of course all reversed...  as your brilliant laughter makes the canvas of a silent kill in your back or somewhere else... We are inside our own dramas always and we constantly insist on not being the authors of these dramas. After all we all seek to be the hero in our own journey, in our own life, so to accept that we were the rock in the road towards a temporary downfall in our own life is often difficult to cope with. When this happens we feel we are losing control of our life, naturally, as we have stumbled into confusion and become dethroned from our own life. These moments are glyphs of miracles. Because they show to us that we are not alone, no matter how much we would like to be alone, rather everything is connected and control lost is a

The Dwelling of the Witch

The icon of the witch is enigmatic and it is supposed to be enigmatic. People of the world respond to enigmas in various ways. Some gets intrigued, others get annoyed and frustrated. Yet others pursue it as a challenge while others see it is a mindfuck and leave it alone. An enigma invites ambiguity and possibility, because an enigma is a riddle and has as purpose to puzzle. No matter the kind of resistance I have with the term ‘witch’, given its multiple interpretations and also in this confused plurality need to accept that this ambiguous label is mine to hold. I am a lover of paradox, because I believe it is in paradox and dispersion, contradiction and battle truth speaks with her tongues of air from the deep waters of her well. What is a witch? Is it a social rebel or is it someone who has deep ecologic concern for the earth? Is the witch someone who can strike you down in malefic workings or someone who made a pact with the minions of Hell?  Is the witch someone who calls

The Veneration of the Birds of Night

I believe Witchcraft is a poetic – and noetic – reality.   A dramatic poetry with tangible effects on the world... Awo  Fálàdé is of the opinion that witches should be left alone to do what they are assigned to do, that the path towards this potency is to rocky, ruddy and potentially harmful. And indeed a power that represents paradox, tension and love, conflict and cooperation, comes with its challenges.   Fálàdé thinks that these forces should at best be appeased, never worshipped, but always be respected and recognized. He is here speaking of Ìyàmi Osorongà and the àjés. Ìyàmi Osorongà, ‘the Mother of the power of transformation that sounds around in the worlds’, is also known as Ìyàmi Eleye, The Mother of the Birds (emphasizing nocturnal birds). We find here a paradox and a contradiction in all possible levels. Ìyàmi Eleye is representing the power of woman in the shape of otherness and this power can take the shape of àjé, which are potencies anchored to our emotional field as