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Broken Lineages and Falling Masters; On Initiation III

"Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.   It is up to you to give [life] a meaning."   -          J.P. Sartre There is a great variety of initiations that we can accept and take on. It can be with an order or fraternity or it can be with a conclave or family. No matter the level of exoteric presence it still remains that we will find a form of lineage present and someone being the wielder and protector of this lineage and its legacy. These forms of initiations are different from the initiations we encounter in established religious denominations in its collective acceptance of your willingness to partake. For instance a Catholic baptism makes you a part of the Church, and there is really no threat in being excommunicated, unless you have assumed holy office, and it is here the strand between a spiritual denomination and a religious institution meet, in the commitment. The deeper the commi

The Soul in the Track of Stars or; On Initiation part II

“...the path is made from wrong turns and good turns, ankles broken and moss between the toes. The first one who states Need is always the one who stays – waiting - in the lost echo of its own Need. Who answers the echo can bring salvation or burdens and becomes the Master of both. The Master doesn’t need the question as much as the Pilgrim needs the answer... but it is in the approach we discover who knows their shit and those who are shit and we see who is the guide and who is the tyrant of a myriad souls. ... -           NdMF: On Initiation , The Starry Cave We are all pilgrims and seekers; every ‘master’ is defined in relation to something of a social or noetic order where the mastery is recognized in relationship to these factors. As such, ‘mastery’ is not a hierarchy of value, but one of achievement; this achievement starts with conquering the awareness of Self. In this field the cunning ones and those of kin help one another on the road towards this important realiza

On Initiation

We all try to make sense of the world. Often we find that the world have no other sense than our own. We perceive the world like this because our reference as an actor in the world is unavoidably a self reference. George Kelly in 1955 in his article about personal constructs, which came to have a huge impact on social psychology in the field we know as the theory(s) of attribution. This study ignited a lot of interesting research, but in a general we can state that what these studies found was that whenever our idea of Self is involved memory, recall and attitudes are enhanced in the affirmation of a Self that is in ongoing construction. In other words, our Self construct is something that is at the same time experienced as elastic, but is often in need of Self anchoring. In my experience the search for spiritual, sorcerous or magical initiations are following similar rules. The pilgrim is in a phase where the Self construct is entering into a process where a need for something