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Necromancy at the Crossroad of Stars

“Among a people who cannot conceive human society without a monarch, the desires of radicals may be expressed in monarchical terms. Among a people who cannot conceive human existence without a religion, radical desires may speak the language of heresy.” - Hakim Bey Quite commonly Quimbanda is understood to be a necromantic cult, but it is surely not limited to necromancy or working with the dead per se. Quimbanda works in a greater field of multiple crossroads, vertical and horizontal where star falls into earth and we find golems in clouds. A great bar in truly comprehend what Quimbanda is rests not only in appropriation but how the human organism process experiences, a matter that changes from person to person, from time to time and place to place. Appropriation is an eternal temptation in the work of ‘making sense’, and in this field caution, care and temperance should be exercised. Because what happens when we integrate ‘the other’ into what already is defined and