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The Constitution of Modern Man

For a dweller in the countryside the return to the pulse, nerve and mind of urban modernity is always experienced as surreal. Something is amiss in the ecstasy of somnambulism. Traditionally, man should be ruled by reason, the mind. It is by the reflective mind we align ourselves with source and can serve as a mirror for the rays of the celestial Sun. The mind, the nous, should contemplate what is higher, perfect and true. It is this that brings beauty to the world of men and tempers our soul into perfection. When we contemplate the celestial and eternal a steady sharpness manifests through our mundane existence and we will by this connection to origin and source be able to live our destiny and thus experience blessings and understand the role of all things that meet us on the road of Fate. The disgrace of modernity started in many ways with Descartes investigation of the existence of God motivated by a peculiar line of thought focusing on metaphysics being the basis of physics in a