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Walking the Dance

The Starry Heaven of Little Albert

The Cult of Self Reverence

Blood, Need and the House of Night

Witchcraft; it seems to have become a meaningless term — a catch-all phrase for everything pagan and sorcerous at core. We have the nostalgia of some, the desire of a return that leads to the recreation of forgotten mysteries and yet others to yield to an infatuation of nature where Nature becomes the temple and purpose. Yet others hail to the diabolic and embrace in witchcraft a ‘counter-nature’ for their aspirations while others see in witchcraft the continuation of Murray’s ‘Dionysian’ fertility cult celebrating a Great Mother.
We find the term ‘witchcraft’ being used as a reference for pagan ways, for naturalism and for a host of practices of a darker strain. In all its varieties the idea of witchcraft gets deluded, enriched and amputated by the diversity of practice and inclination that seek this label – and it might be so that the witches’ art can be taken by anyone, just as anyone can teach themselves a trade or handicraft by a few books. Yet others walk out in the terrains of t…