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The Curse, the Blessing and the Cunning

Poison supports medicine and resistance forges what is good to take a clear shape, light comes from darkness and the river of Dão is constantly flowing with and against to maintain the greater cosmic harmony of flux and movement. As our hand of restraint set limits in our life – either for ourselves or for others – and our right hand gives and bless in abundance, in such way we replicate the cosmic experience and its flux it be daybreak or full moon, new moon or the sojourn of the Sun to the Halls of Death. The exhalation is life and it is supported by the inhalation and death. Contrast is the cosmic experience and this also takes place in our lives – the problematic issue is when we get too obsessed with defining qualities to what emerges in the experience of being. Recognition of blessings is good – but so is the recognition of antagonism because this supports our blessings. In this lies mystery upon mystery.  If we accept this dynamic we will also become aware of God’s signposts

The Mysterious Addictions

Two matters have simultaneously caught my attention the last days, one is concerning the relationship between negative vibrations and truth and the other is concerning addictions. For this I thank my elders that relentlessly educate me and help me seeing the beauty in this world I perhaps too often find too hopeless, macabre, rotten and absurd. It is quite wicked how this our mysterious world of formation and manifestation works on us, caught in matter our inner light gets as dim as the light of stars. It is like the distance to our starry soul is as enormous as the light-years between Tellus and Spica. This is not so, because distance is ultimately a question of perception. I rarely participate in discussions with people, because so many of us do not like the dialogue a discussion implies – rather it is exercises in soliloquy aiming to convince the speaker and not the opponent - - but I digress – in one of these forums, I read a commentary about a person feeling attacked and he sta

Poisonous Stars

Recently ConjureMan Ali presented some observations concerning friendliness with spirits that you can read in full by a click here . I think his observations are immensely sound and valuable and he is highlighting some issues of grave importance here. First it is the hermetic axiom, as above so below – but such axioms are often repeated so often that we lose the message behind the axiom. The heavens mirror itself on earth and like a planet can go retrograde and enter malefic aspects with planets and stars so can the human actors in society – as well as the invisible world of spirits. The world is supported by restrain and giving, by the protection and the blessing – this is the basic idea in the Etz Chaim – or Tree of Life as much as in the metaphysics of odu in Ifá. We find this dual polarity expressed also in the Godhood it be the face of vengeance of the God in the Holy Bible or beautiful names such as al-Mumit, ‘the taker of life’ and Al-Qahhar, the Crusher’ in the Quran. In a

The Victory of the Heart

There is an Ifá proverb that says: “The One who have conquered the enemy within will not fear the enemies from the outside”.   This proverb states that we ourselves are always our own worst enemy – the greatest obstacle to reach abundance and happiness usually rest in our pride and resistance towards change. Confronted with offence – offence is often what is returned – but this is like trying to stop a fire by throwing oil and candles upon it…often, in attempts of wiping out undesired energies in our lives we end up rushing to the heart of the undesired energy and generate more of what we do not want. Like when we feel wronged, for many the first instinct is to attack – for others to run away – but for those who feel wronged the tendency is to grow in a distorted sense of justice where we expand the field of lawful and righteous negative action we can bestow upon the offender. In these instances, when someone wrongs us we need to take some time to think if we might deserved the of

Mandragorits Mandragon

You, dragon man of milk and blood I see you in the shades and caverns of night I see you in my hands and veins You are child - dragon And I am you - man I walk the night My veins hanging loose You stretch up To unite within & beyond earth I hear serpent song and I hear you My friend and foe My distant memory of light That fell to earth I take you, my child My dragon, my master I know your veins stretch into the flesh of earth As my blood stretch to my heart Whenever I see you see I see my last breath And you are that and is The breath itself Stillness and stance beneath My feet You my dragon friend My Dragon fiend My whisper through the earth My Brother And my woman shredding her skin To reveal the purple within Open the roads and open the eyes I am earth And I am the silence whispering soothing spells Upon my root I am you and you are me As we are he and we are she They told me you were woman and you are Beloved by Venus and Moon But you are mine Spine and 77 vertebras This you a