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Mostrando postagens de maio, 2011

The Source of Light

We humans tend to complicate our lives as we walk on stubborn with our hopes and dreams, cursing every hook and bleeding on every crook. We meet adversities and hatred start to boil, we meet the unusual and we want to convince and from this conflicts upon conflicts raids our life and shake our happiness. It contributes to the alienation modern ambition gave us from the cradle.  Our world is manifesting a cornucopia of miracles and possibilities. Our world carries the manifestation of imagination, joy and fears – it is a miracle in we are walking! Problems enter when we introduce taste, preferences, moral and judgment. We then generate a divide – a dyad based upon acceptance and condemnation where the measure is rooted in our own preferences, learning and conditioning. We perform the absurd act of judging shades of light. Because of this Ifá calls our world Aye Akamara – the World of Mystery.  Ifá teaches us that the principle and Idea of Light is what makes the manifested world

The Natural Law of Eros

Constantly debates concerning the natural and the perverse are surfacing. Homosexuality and ‘unusual’ sexual practices of any variety is often brought to the attention because here in the world of sex all men and women meet their most pure inclinations and their most raw darkness. The scale in these debates are between the personal sensual inclinations as they are mediated upon a universalist moral insisting that we all have the same sensual inclinations – and those who escape the lawful are perverts – or worse. These moral discourses are almost always dictated upon religious motives propagating a most curious scale between freedom from sin and shame of one’s inclinations. In this climate on ‘one moral fits all’ resistance naturally surges to the surface.  The debates we see today can be anchored in the 11 th Century and the ecclesiastical debates concerning the Natural Law – here we find St. Thomas Aquinas who actually told us to look at nature in