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Mostrando postagens de fevereiro, 2013

Creativity and Imagination; Letter to a reader

Dear Friend, You wrote: I have really been enjoying The Starry Cave and have your book on Palo and and Exu.  I learned about you and your work from the Occult of Personality podcast which I listen to on a regular basis.  My question for you is what is the best way you have found to stimulate your creativity and imagination.  I've been trying to do this through meditation and dream work and have recently started singing petitions and prayers during my meditations.  I'm interested in calling up some images from my psyche that can show me how I can live my life better or enhance my life.  I have four years sobriety with a 12-step program so I can't use any substances.  Any suggestions?  Also I wanted to tell you that from what I've learned from you I've started working with my ancestors and parents who have passed over.  I feel their power in my life and our relationship is healing.  It is very powerful magic and I thank you The vis imaginativa

The Bitter Demons at the Crossroad of Fire: A Letter

Amongst the received correspondence I have selected two that speak of a common situation, it is about choice and discernment, about Self knowledge and the path unique. A subject worthy a book, but I will tie to noose and limit myself... The letters in question reads as follows: Parts of Letter I How can I know the difference between the messages and/or intuition coming from my daemon and social conditioning? I ask this because many of our ideals and aspirations are influenced by modern thinking, society, etc. I find it difficult to maintain balance. Also, when thinking about a magickal path, it seems there are many options, many of them look good to me, but I'm not sure if I found the right one. What would be your advices concerning this situation? Parts of Letter II I am fighting with bitterness, anger of my choices, we have free will, but yet currently it all feels like destiny. I know that I should accept and walk on, and something within me tells me tha

Divine Trickery: Letter to a Reader

Dear Friend, Your wrote; What about trickster gods, what they can teach us? I had some experiences with Loki and he seemed to be willing to interact with me, I asked him simple things while doing devotional work for some months and it seems he answered my requests, I had a bad result one time, though, when I almost fought with a person I was involved with in a magical group when he told me about his suspicions of magical attacks supposedly done by me (silly, I know, but looks like the guy was/is a little paranoid). On the other hand, when asked Loki to give me a good experience in one night, I had the most vivid and lucid dream in my experience, it was great. I also noticed something very fiery about Loki, nothing to do with tricks and things like that, but an energy, sometimes even explosive, that reflects a kind of passion for existence. Trickster gods in whatever part of the world represents opportunity, choice and movement. They are considered as a chaotic el