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It is with great pleasure I want to announce that a man I cannot praise enough:  Chief Agbefayelele , Oluwo Ogboni Funfun , from Abeokuta, Nigeria will stay in São Paulo, Brazil for an extended period of time sometime between September and December 2013. Chief Agbefayelele is a royal adviser and Oluwo of the Societies of Ogboni, Oro and Awo Imule . He and his people will be able to offer a wide range of initiations for those interested. If a and Or i s a being some of them, but also Egungun, Oro, Iyami Osoronga, Osanyin and several other mysteries and powers.  If you are interested in making use of this great opportunity, please write me at: nicholaj@gmail.com and I will forward contact for those serious to undertake initiation.  Ire O!

Death, Ancestry and the dying

Dear Friend, You wrote: I have heard some shamans lately such as Christina Pratt and Malidoma Some speaking of the epidemic of dead, especially in the United States. That more than ever before, the world is inundated with dead who have not been able to get to the ancestral realms and return as true ancestors due to poor health in life, lack of any cosmology, many unresolved issues due to a life lived without awareness of one's purpose, family members that refuse to let go, a lack of flowing of grief/tears and a lack of proper funerary rites that pay attention to the deceased's soul rather than just the living. This manifests in many ways, not least of which is young people stricken with diseases that typically only afflict the elderly and many people stuck living out the unresolved issues of their ancestors instead of their True Will/Great Work so to speak. I was curious about your thoughts on this matter, particularly in the context of Palo Mayombe and the work

Invitation by Letter

Our world is a beautiful place and life is a mysterious journey. In this journey we meet friends and we meet fiends, we find guides and misguiders. It is a beautiful dance where we recreate ourselves in meeting with nature, others and self. We find avenues for harmonious gatherings in the beautiful meeting with the other and with others.  If we walk the world in a spirit of interest, where we seek to understand, where we seek to find our kindred and understand our opponents – abundance and blessings will rage across the world in storms of honey and dew... Our modern age is by many critiques and formers of opinion said to bring distance between people – but I say, let us breach distance and gather close! If we agree or disagree we are still a possible richness to one another and to the world. In the not too distant past friendship and amity was sealed by letters, to put ink to the paper, to fold it and bring it into the envelope and getting it stamped so it could begi

Gently, with Grace

“If you don`t know what road to take, take the road of gentleness” - Ifasotito Osowale Agbefayelele Gently we should approach the human journey so we can walk gracefully in the world. To be gentle implies by its vernacular to be kind, but even if kindness is a good thing, to be gentle holds other virtues. It speaks of freedom, freedom from hatred and violence. Gentle is from the Latin gentilis , which signifies clan ship to a noble family. The same term - ‘gentile’ – was then later used as a pejorative for non Christian citizens in European Christian communities and was often assimilated with the term ‘pagan’. From the 12 th Century it was used as an adjective to describe someone of good pedigree, a noble person of fine manners and calm temperament, but also of non Christian dwellers in the countryside, the people of the old customs. In the 17 th Century it was used largely as a reference to men of gentle temperament.  The idea of a gentleman today holds the virtue of