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A Stream of Golden Blood Running from the Trolls

If we dissect the word Witchcraft we will find that within all its interpretations the idea of ‘skill’ is found.  The skill in question is commonly related to cunning or knowledge and this knowledge is commonly appropriated in the skill of summoning spirits. Summoning a spirit means to know the rhythm and relationship between a soul and what animates it. As such Nicola Tesla, Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin with their discoveries could be seen as possessing the necessary skill that would deem them witches, and perhaps their Occult, Alchemical and Masonic connections gave to them the necessary skill to discover the animating spirit beneath the phenomena’s of energy, communication and gravity they gained fame for. But witchcraft goes deeper than the world and so the skill of scientific discovery is merely a skill rooted in an understanding of the world that is in agreement with a given world view, I mean profound discoveries of how spirit animates a soul can be what it is and

The Complainers Delight

“Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself. Is it true? At the second gate ask. Is it necessary? At the third gate ask. Is it kind?” - Rumi The world has a thousand mouths and endless is the amount of dross, gossip and hearsay we use the mouth for. We open a newspaper and it is about accusations and scandals, an eternal dance of “he said” “she did”, “he denied” and the usual flow of intrigue, accusation and defense. We enter the social media and it is the same shit there, complaints and nailing by word. “He did that”. “Did he really”, “Yes he did”– and the drama is on! It is a fucking drama everywhere and I can’t help wonder if the world find the very act of digesting words and thoughts unpleasant. Sure, people do enjoy filling the silence with words so they can generate distance from themselves, but is our world a place filled with people who enters a form of martial neurosis when the possibility of touching Self is closing in