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Superbia: The Seven Sins – part I of VII

When we hear the word ‘sin’ a host of Christian mythologies tends to colour our idea of what a sin is and imageries of doom and Hell flashes in the presence of the word, ‘sin’. The concept of ‘sin’ was important from the Greek philosophers, by route of the word hamartia, that in its most general meaning mean to miss the mark. Other Greek words have been considered synonymous with the idea of ‘sin’, such as parabasis, ‘transgression’, anomia, ‘lawlessness and paraptoma, ‘false and erroneous acts or steps’.  The consequence of failing the mark is that we fall away from our centre and confusion is bound to ensue. When we are confused error is a natural consequence as is bad decisions. Bad decisions will bring us further away from our centre and we are gradually losing sight of the path. For the Greek thinkers in Antiquity a ‘sin’ implied to act in ways that misaligned the person with destiny and what we can understand as a ‘fall from Grace’ would occur as an ongoing process. Sin, or vic