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Focus of Life

Constantly we allow ourselves to be defined by the other, a natural dance between potential and becoming where the Self gradually reveals itself, a mysterious core that it is own cause and effect. Knowledge of Self leads to acceptance and acceptance of this knowledge leads to mastery of self. In Mastery of Self we find the Focus of Life where devil and saint is twined on the same axis and generates peace. Mastery of Self comes with simplicity and compassion, naturally, effortlessly, because there is nothing to defend from the threat of the other. Life is a series of changes and life is very much like a river as Lao Tzu perceived it. The more we flow with the current and seek to understand and take interest in its movements instead of resisting it the more we will stay as the captain of our Soul. We are constantly bombarded with opinions and judgments and it is not always so easily to not take it personally. But an opinion is a judgment formed by one perceiver of a limited seri

PROSPERITY AND PROTECTION new arrivals at Sacred Alchemy Store

SACRED ALCHEMY STORE ANNOUNCES NEW ARRIVALS: TROLLSTAVE/TROLLMARK for protection We can make staves, markings and runes for nearly any purpose, the one here made for protection both from visible and invisible hostile influences. We are gathering all materials in the right days and hours, all done under the appeal of Thor and the vaettir necessary for turning a carefully selected piece of wood into a powerful charm! The wood is not only carved and ‘reddened’, it is also filled with items proper to the runes (secrets) worked into the stave. The stave in the photo is of the more discreet type, but each and every one will naturally come out differently being unique pieces. Please do write us in order to discuss the details of carving the stave you need by writing to: sacred.alchemy.store@gmail.com PROSPERITYFETICHE We choose to refer to this spirit vessel as a fetiche, a magically endowed object, which in this case is made and constructed upon