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Kiumbanda/Quimbanda - Some distinctions

There is a common conception, it seems, that Kiumbanda is an evil and degenerated approach towards the kingdom of Exus and Pomba Giras that is ‘void of doctrine’, as it is not in conformity with the ‘Law of Umbanda’. The law of Umbanda is largely understood to be rooted in an universal idea of the reality of a Christian karma. Consequently we have here some inconsistencies that is helpful to point out, these being related to ‘doctrine’, ‘karma’ and ‘divine order’. I believe these three factors break down quite nicely the objections some ‘Umbandistas’ have with kiumbanda.
Firstly, of course kiumbanda possesses a doctrine and even a hierarchy. This hierarchy will, after what I have seen, surprise quite a few practitioners by its simple and stunning doctrine. Faith without doctrine does not make much sense. Karma, represent a complicated term, and has since the coming of the New Age movements been used uncritically to refer to cause and action on quite mechanistic (and modern) grounds an…