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Mostrando postagens de outubro, 2014

Sorcerous Saints and Elevated Ancestors

Over the last months I have noticed an increase in resentments concerning the use of saints in sorcerous contexts and in particular within cults and faiths of African pedigree. A few people have written asking how Christian Saints and African faiths are at all compatible and some have written to tell that this Christian oppression of African faiths must cease as yet others of a more Satanic inclination have expressed a furious resentment with mentioning orixa and in particular Christian saints as being remotely related to Quimbanda in any form or way. It is my understanding that it is a field that invites confusion, so I hope this blog posting can make these matters more tangible and clear. As detailed in Palo Mayombe in relation to Kimpa Vita (1684 -1706) and the rise of Antonianism in the African territory that was referred to as ‘Congo’, but designated at large Bantu and Ewe speaking people spread out south and north in Western Africa. The ‘Congos’ arrived to Brazil from Ca

The Creative Process

This blog article is presented because I accepted the invitation from human rights expert Todd Landman , professor of Government and Academic Magician, to write a few words about the creative process and what motivates my writing.  So here goes the answer to the questions given to me: What are you working on? I am actually in a phase where I have completed a major new work that should be announced in a few months This year has been quite rich with writings, both the mentioned book, but also several articles that has been and are yet to be published as well as the monograph on Obeah . I am currently allowing a couple of weeks of rest and recovery from the conclusions of these projects small and monumental before I will return to a novel I started on a couple of years back, which now appears to be ready to be written. How does your work differ from others of its genre? ‘Occult books’ is a very narrow niche, but at the same time it invites in everything to ma

A World of Dew and Darkness

The World is beautiful and wonderful, if we allow it to be so. Too often we get distracted from the beauty and goodness the World is and have to offer. When this loss of perspective happens, we lose sight of the landscape and our horizon shrinks into black dots in a garden of infinite beauty. The recognition of these black dots is fine as is the recognition of whatever undesired event that happens during a day. But when these incidents of darkness become a focus of interests we entertain with fervent passion in such way that it steals our attention, we block out the world and we integrate a limited passionate landscape, hot and dark. As passionate beings we engage and entertain. In this field an offering of melancholy or a dish of sour grapes is something we accept in great appetite. At the end of the day, if our world is bleak and black, riddled with sadness and regret, it is the world we created and invited in and not the world as it is. It is a world made from poison and sti