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The Movement of Sin

In 1589 Peter Binsfeld, the Bishop of Trier, in Germania noted down the demonic influences that provoked the cardinal sins as it was derived in the paranoid and poisonous climate around King James I of England. Shakespeare’s Macbeth was inspired by the reign of King James the I. Certainly the king saw things he wished he had not seen in Denmark and Norway and this spawned his famous work on demonology; because the land keeps the memory of truth as it whispers in our blood, forgotten or alive. For Binsfeld, this grim paranoid hunter of the supernatural, the most vicious sins were considered to be lust (luxuria) for men, ruled by Asmodeus and pride (hubris) – or vainglory – for women - ruled by Lucifer. Curiously both sins were frequently given to women during the trials. Woman was deemed guilty for exciting the sin in man because of her vain stature. In our modern vernacular this simply could mean that she did not give in for the lustful suggestions o

Palo Kimbiza & the Dragon Cup

 San Luis Beltran has a special role in the kimbiza order, which is evident from his iconography. He can assume several roles, in concord with his role as prophet, linguist, miracle-worker and clairvoyant. In many ways we can say that San Luis Beltrán represents the perfection of the mystical dimensions of the kimbizeiro and is given a particular importance in presentation of the kimbiza mystery. He is the healer and exorcist – the saintly ideal of the kimbizeiro carrying the gunpowder draped cross in one hand and the Dragon`s secret in the other.  A Kongo water made under his auspicious will for sure generate a temple where spirits will vibrate in union and communication with the Tata or Yaya – and will also help the stout piño Nuevo to connect better with spirit in a temple properly fortified with spiritual fumes and attractors. Take blessed and equal portions of jasmine flowers, bay laurel leaves, orange leaves and rose petals, add three stars of

The Initiation of Self

Gradually the idea of self initiation is spreading in the format of initiating oneself to a given cult, faith or tradition. In particular this is common in forms of eclectic wicca and witchcraft. It is a curious idea that at the same time as it enters the core bounces off from it. As I perceive the nature of self-initiation, it is about a person that feels a certain calling and administers the rites of induction himself with no intermediary or teacher present. It is an offering of servitude and dedication to a power one desire to evoke. On the good side it denotes a personal choice, and affirmation of belief where the chosen spirit host is evoked to witness the act. It is a symptom of mankind feeling spiritually lost and seeks to reconnect with what they perceive as lost. They want to re-ligare, to re-link their faith, they want to do religion.  Quite often what is happening is actually what the crude term self-initiation entails, that you initiate yo

O Começo da Sabedoria

Tornar-se sábio   é uma   conseqüência   de uma vida   vivida   com interesse .   Trata- se de aproximar  os sinalizadores de nossa vida com interesse .   Acredito que   a sabedoria   começa   com  amor, honestidade, amor   e honra,   pois  se reflete   no humilde interesse   que   partilhamos   com os   nossos  pares .   O que compartilhamos com   todos   é   esta   jornada   como seres   divinos   em   forma   humana . Vários de   nós  viajam através do   mundo de mistério, experiência   e abundância  montados em cavalos   de ansiedade   e de   restrição .   Estes   não são   bons cavalos .   Estes são   os cavalos   que   sempre procuram   o   retorno aos seus   celeiros   enlameados da segurança . A segurança é   boa , mas deve   ser   enriquecida   pelas experiências   que realizamos   em nossa jornada . É  n a própria jornada que encontramos  abundância, sabedoria e   pessoas .  São os homens e mulheres   em   nossa   jornada   que   trazem   toda   a   sabedoria   que   nos t

The Beginning of Wisdom

To become wise is a consequence of a life lived with interest. It is about approaching the signposts in our life with interest.  I believe wisdom begins with love, honesty and honour as it reflects in humble interest in what we share with our fellow men and women. What we share with all is this journey as divine beings in the human shape. Many of us journey through this world of mystery, experience and abundance on the horses of anxiety and restriction. They are no good horses. These are horses that always seek the return to their muddy barn of safety. Safety is good, but it should be enriched by the experiences we make in our journey.  It is in the journey itself we meet abundance, wisdom and people. It is the men and women in our journey that brings across the wisdom that makes us abundant. In every meeting with a person we are confronted with restriction and abundance, to hold or to give. It is the left hand that makes duels with the right hand. We are the eternal caduceus that a

O Cálice Envenenado

Recentemente, Robert Cochrane, Magister do  Clan of Tubal-Cain , atingiu o status de ícone na Arte, e numerosas histórias circularam sobre as circunstâncias de sua morte. A versão geralmente aceita parece ser de que ele teria se suicidado ritualisticamente usando Beladona no Solstício de verão em 1966, em um resgate da morte do Rei Divino, um sacrifício voluntarioso para a remissão de seus próprios erros, daqueles do seu próprio povo, e para assegurar a fertilidade de seu domínio. Que retrato essa idéia do ‘suicídio ritual’ de Cochrane nos traz? Talvez vejamos uma figura de túnica, prostrado no círculo ritual, lábios escurecidos, olhos fixos em alguma visão no além, dedos ainda prendendo o chifre com a bebida envenenada, para sempre paralisados? Que imagem você tem da cena? A morte de um bruxo aparentemente automartirizado gera miríades de perspectivas contrastantes. Algumas destas perspectivas podem servir para cristalizar um efeito altamente glamouroso que age como um veículo para