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The Beginning of Wisdom

To become wise is a consequence of a life lived with interest. It is about approaching the signposts in our life with interest.  I believe wisdom begins with love, honesty and honour as it reflects in humble interest in what we share with our fellow men and women. What we share with all is this journey as divine beings in the human shape.

Many of us journey through this world of mystery, experience and abundance on the horses of anxiety and restriction. They are no good horses. These are horses that always seek the return to their muddy barn of safety. Safety is good, but it should be enriched by the experiences we make in our journey. 

It is in the journey itself we meet abundance, wisdom and people. It is the men and women in our journey that brings across the wisdom that makes us abundant. In every meeting with a person we are confronted with restriction and abundance, to hold or to give. It is the left hand that makes duels with the right hand.

We are the eternal caduceus that along our spine we chose our serpents to kill or to heal. I have chosen my serpent to bear the name of Love – and with this come the anguish, the disappointment and the agony, the venom which happily jump to the throat of Love. This anguish Love gives is profound and it is a constant meeting with others and self. In your experience of Love you find yourself and the others coiled in enmity and desire.

The signposts on the road itself where you can take lessons of what is good from those who have none and be better from those who have more than what you possess.  Why be better? Be better, because good people are a blessing to the world as they serve as mirrors of abundance and recognition. Because being good brings you into discourse with Fate! From this encounter with Fate knowledge is established – knowledge about your essence is revealed in your meeting with the world. It is here the beginning of wisdom is revealed – as an embrace, as a lash, as recognition.

The world is always a mirror for the one who seeks wisdom and the mirror must be made of beauty and love to reflect the truth. Failing this the mirror is solely a material therapy of profane distortions that really makes no part in the beautiful design of a human seeking wisdom.  When we meet, if the meeting is one of engaged interest the meeting will be good because there will be no battle for superiority, only the interest in mutual abundance. Because we need to see fellow journeymen as abundance, they are what we meet in most plenty in our journey.

If we make our journey in love we will also make it in humility, because we know that the landscape is always bigger than our limited incarnation. We are each other’s abundance, for better or for worse.  I believe every person we meet is consumed by Love.

Love is intoxication, a well stored wine... 
...and some might be drunk on the anguish of old wine as the other is taken over by the beauty of the wine and turn into a prophet... 
...The grapes of the wine, the amethyst that gives the drunkenness of spirit...
...It is all there, the love...
...the love that mirrors the divine and the love that mirrors you!

It is Love and it is Eros as it follows the direction of your passions, the need you have inferior or celestial. It is about the mirror, if be of heaven or a muddy lake you mistake for your selfhood. It is here; at the mirror wisdom begins in its reflection of honour and hubris, pride and humility.

This being said, wormwood is sweet given from the hand of a friend – and Love and humility should inspire in you the notion of wormwood from a friend as the one from and enemy as it all makes part of our first steps on the journey towards wisdom. When we encounter wisdom our lips parts and we speak words of beauty – and of love, we turn humble in the meeting of our own reflection because we see love in the mirror of humble recollection. We see ourselves, our meetings, our faults and through this the path onwards....

... It this honest acceptance of our mirror dwells honour, love and the beginning of wisdom.

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