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  Greetings, We have now several new arrivals in Sacred Alchemy Store : First of them being Exu and Pomba Gira oils : We are now offering a set of oils, one for Pomba Gira and one for Exu.   Both oils are made from elements both animal, mineral, and vegetable in a spiritual composition honoring the essence of the entities in giving attention, particularly to the kingdoms of the woods, crossroads, and Lyre... These oils can be used to anoint objects as much as on human skin (but be weary that especially the Pomba Gira oil in large quantities might stain clothes).   We can also manufacture oils for particular Exus, Pomba Giras and purposes, along with perfumes should that be desired, please do enter in contact if so.    Each vial contains 10 ml and is sold as a pair. We are also offering Esu heads : Our Esu heads are properly and completely loaded and charged by an Awo Ogboni and come with instructions for use along with the necessary  oriki  or prayers. These heads are customarily place