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We have now several new arrivals in Sacred Alchemy Store:

First of them being Exu and Pomba Gira oils:

We are now offering a set of oils, one for Pomba Gira and one for Exu.


Both oils are made from elements both animal, mineral, and vegetable in a spiritual composition honoring the essence of the entities in giving attention, particularly to the kingdoms of the woods, crossroads, and Lyre... These oils can be used to anoint objects as much as on human skin (but be weary that especially the Pomba Gira oil in large quantities might stain clothes).


We can also manufacture oils for particular Exus, Pomba Giras and purposes, along with perfumes should that be desired, please do enter in contact if so. 


Each vial contains 10 ml and is sold as a pair.

We are also offering Esu heads:

Our Esu heads are properly and completely loaded and charged by an Awo Ogboni and come with instructions for use along with the necessary oriki or prayers. These heads are customarily placed close to the front door to serve as a guardian of the domicile, house, or place he is given to defend. 


There is no commitment involved in purchasing an Esu head per se. beyond the effects of dwindling power should he be neglected.


We have the knowledge to make a very wide range of Esus, but we have decided to offer seven different qualities related to the seven more popular orisas, which are:


Obatala (the spirit of whiteness and dreams)

Yemoja (the mother of intuition, waters and clairvoyance)

Osun (the mother of sweetness, cold waters and abundance)

Ogun (the first hunter, blacksmith and wielder of the machete)

Osoosi (the spirit of the hunter and the hunt)

Sango (the spirit of fire, kingship and fierce protection)

Oya (the spirit of the mothers, the marketplace and enclosures. 


The heads measure around 20 cm. and are on the heavy side, depending on the load, they can be up to 2 kilos in weight.


Please note that it will take some time to properly prepare the ehad, so allowe us 21 days to finalize the head. 

Also of popular demand we finally have in stock akose egbe orun,

We have now a few Akose Egbe Orun available, and hopefully, it will be a permanent feature in our store. Akose is like Awure, a protective charm or amulet, this one made to harvest the ase and influence of Egbe Orun for the sake of prosperity, happiness and abundance of good fortune (in particularly money and relationships). Egbe Orun is the mysterious community of peers of us in the invisible realm that oversees our life and bring blessings and good fortune to us. 


The akose can be carried in all possible circumstances, yet we advise not to sleep with it or that it is exposed to water, i.e. showering and swimming, not because it will lose power, but because it can get destroyed due to rot of the organic materials it is made from. 


We will also have at regular intervals Akose Esu, Akose Iya Mi Osoronga and Akose Egungun availability, so please do enter into contact to see availability and price.

Finally we are also now offering a few books on Ifá and is happy to make avaialbe these valubale tomes of precious and hard ot find knowledge of Ifa and the corpus of odu ifa. 

Finally we have a number of great books on Ifa available that we are offering here 

Chief Adewuyi have with the books Ifá: The Book of Wisdom presented a cohesive presentation of the divinatory art of Ifá, detailing the use of opele, obi, ikins and other paraphernalia vital to the practice of Ifá.


In his books Òrúnmìlà I and II he explores in greater detail the themes in Ifá: The Book of Wisdom with a greater focus on Òrúnmìla himself, his praise names, orikis, orins and his relationship to all other deities.

Obàtálá is a monograph detailing the mysteries, taboos, orikis, orins and initiations of this most important deity.


All books include WW postage.


Òrúnmìlà Book 1


Òrúnmìlà Book 2


Ifá: The Book of Wisdom


Obàtálá: The Greatest and Oldest Deity

and the collection on odu ifa you find here.

Chief Adewuyi has as of now completed the writing of 256 books discussing in detail each of the 256 odus in the corpus of Ifá.  In these books, you will find a collection of verses, taboos, meanings, sacrifices, and metaphysical dimensions in each of the odus. These books are an indispensable source of knowledge of Ifá for students and practitioners alike.  These books were created to spread the light of Ifá in the world – and also the revenues of these books will in its entirely go towards Chief Adewuyi and the people of Babatunde village in Nigeria, hence as a self-publishing project the cost of these books is higher than usual.


Èjìogbè speaks of the first emanations of light that emanated from Olodumare.


Òyèkú Méjì speaks of the emanations of darkness in the world


Ìwòrì Méjì speaks of the emanations and forces in the world that makes us see things in their true form.


Òdí Méjì speaks about the importance of character and stability in the world


Ìròsùn Méjì speaks about the imp0rotance of female vibrations in the world as means for victory and a good life


Òwónrín Méjì speaks about the mysterious dimensions that leads to fulfilment in our life through the practice of courage and connection with divinity


Òbàrà Méjì speaks about how every situation attracts its solution and how we can expel negativity form our lives.




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