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The Dynamics of Spiritual Consults

We are offering two types of consults at the Sacred Alchemy Store , the Quimbanda consult and the dafá or Ifá consult and sometimes it can be difficult to choose what consult is better suited to one’s needs, hence this article detailing the content and purpose as well as  differences in these services. The Quimbanda consult we offer is long distance, i.e. in the absence of the person we make the consult for, this means that we need something called volts. A volt is something ‘of the person’ and is commonly hair, blood, saliva, nail clippings a t-shirt containing the sweat of the person and so forth. Now we never ask for this, instead we ask for these volts in the form of signature and picture of the person that somehow stands in for the volts we are not asking for, simply because to the reservations many have with sending hair, blood and nails to strangers – and for the record, you should be careful in sending such items out to people – unless it is indeed necessary and tru

Life-Coaching at Sacred Alchemy

At Sacred Alchemy Store we are now offering life-coaching long distance using Skype. The format of coaching we offer is not confined to a single parameter of orientation and strategies, but draws on a multiplicity of techniques in its fundamentally cognitive-behavioural approach leading to what I have called awareness oriented coaching . In simple terms this form of coaching which will address patterns of thought and behaviour that sabotage our efficiency as social actors and hinders us in reaching our goals with a distinct focus on the present aiming towards increased self-awareness and self-efficiency and in this the ultimate goal is a greater mastery of Fate through developing tools for coping with life and shape identity with greater precision.   Coaching will be done by me, Nicholaj, who have studied psychology at the University of Trondheim, Norway, specialised in social psychology and behaviourism.  In addition to this I have a decade of therapeutic experience

A Gift of Trolls

A review of Johannes Gårdbäck ’s Trolldom (YIPPIE. 2015) This book is the product of an involved and dedicated practitioner of the Scandinavian folk magic, better known as Trolldom . It is truly a delight to see this rich tradition be so well documented in all its variety as in this book that is in essence a gathering of spells and workings. We find here workings for hunting and fishing, court cases, love, gain, protection and destruction. In this way we see from the arsenal of spells how the Scandinavian culture was and what needs magical solutions were applied for and in what ways. Heretical ecclesiastical procedures, appellation to Lucifer and the demonic realm is here presented side by side with the richness of natural sympathies from all kingdoms to give voice to this cultural and magical heritage in its richness and diversity. In addition to this part of spells that constitutes the major part of the book, with enchantments and summoning given both in English and its o