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Meth, Madness and Magic

Madness, drugs, and magic are no strange bedfellows. Ever since the shapeshifting intoxicating madness in Petronius Satyricon these elements have formed a trinity for good and for bad. What we know as shamans and witches used strange medicine and unguents to traverse the various thresholds of human consciousness in order to break into the other side. Philosophers from Plato to William James and Michel Foucault experimented with and used LSD and opium. Poets, writers are well known to use stimulants it be Philip K. Dick fleshing out half a dozen books in less than a year in manic speed rush or Coleridge dreaming forth Kublai Khan in the fog of opium. It only makes sense that people with an interest in magic, to know to explore multiple worlds and strange terrains and also have an interest in the varied forms of altered consciousness various stimulants can open up for. I have no problems with stimulants, but I do respect their power, and their capacity to heal and harm. It is how an exc