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A New Beginning; a New End

Exu and the Sensorial Soul

“There is a beast in man that needs to be exercised, not exorcised”
- Anton La Vey
The most common question I receive concerning Quimbanda is how one work with these spirits in safe but committed ways. If you ask around you will basically get two different answers on such inquiry. Many Quimbandeiros will say that you cannot learn how to tend to these spirits from a book and that full initiation (i.e. receiving the spirit vessels in where Exu and Pomba Gira resides and be crowned and cut as Tata/Yaya) is paramount to working Quimbanda.
This is a truth with modification, because we have at least two nuances here. One is that some of these spirits are actually personal, they are yours. Quimbanda holds that if you are human, you also have a Pomba Gira and an Exu to walk with you and watch over you. I like to think about our personal Exu and Pomba Gira as a sort of balanced kakodaimonos, inflamed with the lust of life and opportunity. Just like our agathodaimonos is always walking with us, pr…

The Gentle Death

Life is a mysterious condition. So many of us seem to struggle with finding Self and identity in a world of demands and flux where we constantly search the quiet place, the oasis of comfort where we can center.  To take time to one self is important, to make a date with Self, a regular binding commitment to be with Self– because in soliloquy we speak with source and our attending daimons and spirits. It is in the all-oneliness we find the breath of creation to inhale and give us pause – and it is here we commune with Self.
The communion with Self is also a meeting with Death – who always surfaces to question not only who you are, but also what legacy you are passing down.   To know yourself in the embrace of Death is to gain a vision of legacy, an instant flash of what you leave behind.
Selfhood is an axis where the world dances around in constant flux and moments – but yet that axis, that starry pillar is the marrow of this fluctuating Self that takes on masks and forms in conformity …

On the magic of ink and forms

The book as talisman, the words as prophecy, the ink as soul born blood and the letters as breath given up by spirit constitutes a magical or talismanic book, a book endowed with spirit.
Types of magical books are found amongst the famous grimoires, the faustbooks/teufelbooks and the Cyprians in Scandinavia and Iberia – but also books like John Dee’s Tuba Veneris . In the case of Tuba Veneris the book and its ritual had to be instigated by ink and pact at a precise astrological junction. The pen guided by ink and intent would then seal the script in stellar and telluric virtue giving birth to a talismanic script endowed with a particular spirit that in turn holds the capacity for influencing those possessing the script.
A magical book always comes with a daimon attached to it, the spirit of the book. The procedure of Tuba Veneris is one way of going about it. Another method is to fashion a contract with spirits presiding over a given mystery in the fashion of a pact, a concord. Yet an…