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New Services and Products at Sacred Alchemy Store

We have the pleasure of announcing new services and products at Sacred Alchemy Store, all of these services and products have been created due to popular demand and so we thank you all for letting us know your needs and we thank you for your support over the years!

Ifá forecast –dafá ikin

The geomantic oracle known as Ifá is one of the most precise and solution oriented oracles known to man. By identifying patterns of energy moving your current situation it is possible to find presidency in the past and within the fundamental energetic building blocks of creation clarifications, answers and solutions to whatever situation. Ifá is predicting the future by analysing the past and the energetic matrix that lies to the root of a given situation and from this can predict the future.
Ifá can be thrown with obi (kolanut), opele (the divination chain) or with ikin (palm-nuts), the latter being the most complex and time demanding form of predictive work where the manipulation of the ikin leads to…
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The Synoptic Grimoires

A review of Jake Stratton-Kent’s PANDEMONIUM (Hadean Press 2017)
In PANDEMONIUM Jake Stratton-Kent offers a comparative study of the spirits of Le Livre des Esperitz, the Grand Grimoire, the Book of Offices, the German Honorius, Weyer’s Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, the Goetia of Solomon, Scot’s Discoverie of Witchcraft and in this synoptic undertaking Jake has given a sort of key to the grimoires with the Spirit Catalogue that emerges from his comparative research.
It is a meticulous work he has been undertaking in discussing discrepancies between the main grimoires and then arriving towards a synthesis that for sure will be a reference manual for many.
For any student of the magical grammars this book is a must as it both clarifies, suggest and drive the grimoire tradition forward in the spirit of meeting these ‘demons’ head on and forge dynamic and personal liaisons with them.  This because Jake is also in the wealth of material presented allowing a classic format to emerge, namely how h…

The Silent Craft of the Devil

A Book review of:
Gemma Gary:Silent as the Trees (Troy Books 2017) Gemma Gary: TheDevil’s Dozen (Troy Books 2015)
It is my perception that the term Traditional Witchcraft over the years has become a term used in greater and greater frequency, as the craft has become more inclusive. This might be due to families guarding the craft having been more open with some of their mysteries and have shared in greater degree than before, but there are also two other elements that has contributed to this increase in practitioners of Traditional Craft and Craft circles in themselves. One of them being the greater field of folk magic that utilizes spells and charms that throughout in history was condemned, judged and labelled as ‘witchcraft’, hence practitioners of folk magic might end up seeing their craft as both traditional and as witchcraft. The other factor is born from the spirit of democracy that says we can all be what we want to be because we all are equal. Naturally democracy is a more comple…

A Preface to Apocalyptic Witchcraft

Peter Greys' Apocalyptic Witchcraftwills hotly be out in Portuguese in Brazil by Penumbra Livros and I was in this regard invited to write a preface for Apocalyptic Witchcraft, which yo cand read below:

Much has been written about witchcraft, its practices and beliefs, its history and the witchcraft processes. The sheer amount of literature gives us a steady red thread of the witch as malefica and venefici – and it is this that became the icon of the witch proper. The witch is a votary of Circe and Medea, a child of Cain and it is this icon of the witch as ‘other’, as opposer, as danger Peter Grey is paining out for us on the backdrop of modernity.
Peter states that the witch is what we find at the end of a pointed finger and at the end of the pointed finger we find the unruly and the rebellious bound by the otherworldly, the scapegoat and the dangerous. Hence “witchcraft is the work of the enemy. Witchcraft is the sex that other people have, witchcraft the drug other people take, w…

On Tradition and Custom

When we speak of tradition we tend to think about a mere succession of something, a ritual repeated for a few years is established as tradition for its practitioners as much as any gnosis expanded upon arcane sources and customs can take to itself the epitaph ‘traditional’, just because it is anchored in some arcane sources.
Defining something as ‘traditional’ is not that easy, because indeed tradition in itself is perennial and always supra-human, still the purpose must be understood so we can avoid becoming habitual to doing meaningless rituals and practices. Customs repeated would hold the vestige of being traditional, but its meaning and purpose must also be in place. What often happens when meaning and understanding dissolves from the customs is that the original meaning is replaced with pseudo-rites that enable the emergence of counter-tradition, factors that show themselves when tradition itself dissolves in lack of understanding of the reasons for the ritual action and in this…

The Witch, the Cunning One and the Famulus

A Review of: StevePatterson: Spells from the Wise Woman’s Cottage (Troy Books 2016) & Giles Watson:A Witch’s Natural History (Troy Books 2013)

Steve Patterson’s book is based on the exhibition in the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle with the same name and using this historical depiction of a cunning woman’s kitchen/workspace Patterson is leading us into a greater presentation of folk magic and cunning practices in the West Country commonly ascribed to the wayside witches by Cecil Williamson. Also found here is Old Joan’s Book of Spells, a collection of spells demonstrating the art practiced by the wayside witches at the sea shore of the West Country since the 18th Century.
Patterson is in this presentation of spells and arsenal also occupied with time and world view and is using this presentation to also enter into the significant historical transition that marked the modern idea of Witchcraft through the friendship and eventually alienation and parting ways between Cecil W…

A Bouquet of Charms and Spells

A Review of: Graham King: The British Book of Spells and Charms. Troy Books (2016)
This compilation of spells and charms is a treasure-trove in two senses. Firstly by being a compilation of spells and charms covering all possible areas, it be about curing animals, love charms, protective charms and spells or for healing.  In this way it serves as both preserving legacy and also invite in inspiration for how to deal with particular issues grounded in traditional folk magic.
Secondly the treasure in this little book is found in the spread of spells and charms from the use of Solomonic elements and practical contemporary use exemplified in spells to bring misfortune to Hitler during the WWII there is also an impressive timeline here that embraces spells and charms dating back to the 9th Century and up to WWII, this spread across this timeline is in itself something that makes the book impressive as it allows us to see consistency and difference across time and place and in this clearly see …