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  Greetings, We have now several new arrivals in Sacred Alchemy Store : First of them being Exu and Pomba Gira oils : We are now offering a set of oils, one for Pomba Gira and one for Exu.   Both oils are made from elements both animal, mineral, and vegetable in a spiritual composition honoring the essence of the entities in giving attention, particularly to the kingdoms of the woods, crossroads, and Lyre... These oils can be used to anoint objects as much as on human skin (but be weary that especially the Pomba Gira oil in large quantities might stain clothes).   We can also manufacture oils for particular Exus, Pomba Giras and purposes, along with perfumes should that be desired, please do enter in contact if so.    Each vial contains 10 ml and is sold as a pair. We are also offering Esu heads : Our Esu heads are properly and completely loaded and charged by an Awo Ogboni and come with instructions for use along with the necessary  oriki  or prayers. These heads are customarily place
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The Enchanted Tradition of Jurema

Cabocla Jurema Jurema is a term that refers to two distinct but related subjects: a plant species and a cultural tradition. The Jurema plant is native to South America and belongs to the species Anadenanthera peregrina, Mimosa tenuiflora, or Tabernaemontana catharinensis. These plants are commonly used in traditional medicine for medicinal and ceremonial purposes, just like Ayahuasca is used. Jurema originated in the Amazonian north of Brazil and preserves the secrets and mysteries of wood spirits and caboclos – amongst many others. The Cult of Jurema is a spiritual tradition that through plant sacraments, the smoke of different herbs and the teaching of disincarnated Masters and Mistresses gives access to the mysteries held by enchanted spirits, of the spirits of the wood, teaching spirits and a wide array of other traditions and mysteries. The Jurema is centred around the use of Jurema as sacrament.  This sacrament facilitates spiritual healing, provide guidance and protection, and

Presenting the 1st International Symposium of Brazilian Magic and Spirituality


Meth, Madness and Magic

Madness, drugs, and magic are no strange bedfellows. Ever since the shapeshifting intoxicating madness in Petronius Satyricon these elements have formed a trinity for good and for bad. What we know as shamans and witches used strange medicine and unguents to traverse the various thresholds of human consciousness in order to break into the other side. Philosophers from Plato to William James and Michel Foucault experimented with and used LSD and opium. Poets, writers are well known to use stimulants it be Philip K. Dick fleshing out half a dozen books in less than a year in manic speed rush or Coleridge dreaming forth Kublai Khan in the fog of opium. It only makes sense that people with an interest in magic, to know to explore multiple worlds and strange terrains and also have an interest in the varied forms of altered consciousness various stimulants can open up for. I have no problems with stimulants, but I do respect their power, and their capacity to heal and harm. It is how an exc


Greetings; We are here presenting the first of a series of new services and products, for more information, just click the link embedded in the headers... Thank you for having made possible ten years of Sacred Alchemy Store!  Sweetening work We are now offering works for sweetening people. The motivation for doing this can be varied, ranging from creating a docile and harmonious field between you and someone you seek to know better. It can be done in order to calm down someone who is in turmoil and distress as it can be done for making some person holding your Fate in their hand to become more kindly disposed towards you. We perform these sweetening works either through the intervention of Pomba Gira or more commonly we resort to the technology of Umbanda and work within the wonderful realm of caboclas in the realm or Oxum. The working is not a one time working, but a sequence of smaller workings over the course of a week that leads to the construction of what we can call the ‘sw

Quimbanda Workshop (Umbanda & Quimbanda) 2022

The Cabula/Temple Meia-Noite da Encruzilhada will arrange for its yearly workshop of Quimbanda from 7 th of September to the 11 th of September 2022 . The workshop will this year also cover Umbanda , hence we will make a workshop under the greater umbrella of ‘ macumba ’. The workshop will be held in Brazil, in the state of Minas Gerais on a Farm located in the midst of the forest, 100 km from the airport Guarulhos in São Paulo. In this workshop we will offer traditional Umbanda baptism and we will offer the first initiatic step in the ladder of Quimbanda , what is often called vinculação , a ceremony working on the same level as a baptism that aims towards establishing a true and strong bond with your Exu and Pomba Gira. These initiatic steps will be followed by a full Gira (drumming) where also the spirits of Umbanda will be celebrated as we move from these spirits of forest and wisdom towards Exu and Pomba Gira during the celebration. These important parts are mediated by se

Five Wise Elders on the Path of Destiny

  Everyone is seeking something good for themselves and in the search for goodness the hunt for purpose, meaning and mission often surfaces as important issues on the path towards self-discovery. But what do we use as the measure for discovering our purpose? Ifá states that we all are imprinted with an energetic signature that both describe our personality traits and how we should conduct ourselves in life to attract good fortune. This energetic signature is a crude and almost primitive mark that gives us a base for growth and expansion, because this energetic signature, the odu, is in truth a primal cosmic force that gives a crude blueprint for our being and journey in life. The map we must make ourselves and there will always be many choices that will be good as there will be many choices that are bad in reference of attracting good fortune. One man’s medicine might be another man’s poison, and choices made towards harmonizing a given energy is often more abstract in nature than co