Building the Scintillating Body

A review of: +Palamas:  Spirit Builders. Transmutation Publishing. 2015

Spirit Builders is an impressive tome. It contains everything relevant to the ritual part of the rite of Memphis and Misraim in terms of how to awaken the powers within each of the 97 grades and degrees.

As for the rites themselves, +Palamas have limited himself to the ‘primitive’ presentation of each degrees with commentaries upon each degree relevant to the approach of Free Illuminism. What is contained in this is basically a one on one direct meeting and merging with the mysteries outside the circle squares as it would be in a traditional Masonic lodge.

Hence, what becomes vital in this voluminous tome is to understand the approach itself, as the essence of the rituals themselves is well presented. And in this we find the idea of initiation as a form of awakening to a process that brings on an energetic harmony between body, soul and the mystical experience itself, what + Palamas call ‘a souldream’.

The Free Illuminist approach is completely Esoteric and void of Hierarchy and structures of authority, rooted in a belief that spiritual growth cannot or are severely hindered within an authoritarian structure. Hence we need to realize that +Palamas is presenting a non-traditional, non-hierarchical Esoteric angel to the secrets of M+M aiming towards unlocking these powers and realizations within specific fields of energetic resonance in the body known as point chauds – or hot points (similar to the concept of marmas and chakras, energetic gateways where a multiplicity of nerves meet and realization and spirit contact can occur).

+Palamas writes on page 14 that: “It is to the creative mind and to those with a spirit of inquiry that Free Illuminism holds the most appeal” – and this is important to keep in mind assessing this work and its presentation of the ‘primitive doctrine of Memphis and Misraim’. The technique +Palamas used in this work was scrying, so from the battery of the degree, password and sign the corresponding point chaud is then activated in various ways to open this gateway that instigate the initiatic experience of the degree researched.  

Hence we are here speaking of a magical reconstruction rooted in occult research and direct experience of the mystery itself. This approach will when the work is done lead to a unique expression of the mystery worked with, an ontological exercise in understanding one’s own spiritual landscapes.

This approach to the mysteries, namely occult engineering and magical reconstruction, was greatly developed by Michael Paul Bertiaux and her continued by +Palamas through the work done by T Allen Greenfield. And it is imperative to emphasize that this is a particular approach not focused on exercising dogma, but a scientific attitude that is focused on occult research into doctrine and mystery. 

I feel it is important to stress this, because this has been a constant obstacle for many to even bother understanding the legacy of Michael Bertiaux, namely the experimental, non-traditional approach to the mysteries. So, in the same fashion Spirit Builders is a child of this very same succession of thought and occult approach to the mysteries where old terms gain new and personified meaning as the unique experience in the collective field of multidimensional mysteries are understood in a given lattice of illumination. 

Hence we need to see Spirit Builders as a consequence of this particular approach, where SpiritBuilders, just like Bertiaux’ Vodoun Gnostic Workbook turns into a research paper spanning 97° of illumination shared with the world with the purpose of stimulating further research and experimentation, both to uncover potential mysteries – but also to facilitate ownership of the work itself. 

You find Transmutation Publishing here: http://www.transmutationpublishing.com/spirit-builders/


Spirit Workers

Many of us seek magical solutions when life gets hard, but in truth no ‘God’ will not give you what you can’t give yourself, nor give what you can attain by your own divine effort and honest assessment of a situation that reveals the tools and solutions.

When life gets rough some of us run towards someone who claims to possess powers or are in the league with some powerful spirit – or makes part of the right ‘party’ or ‘religion’. The common requests are about binding an unwilling object of desire, to get rid of mess you yourself created or to get out of a situation you yourself authored.

All this is fine, magic can bind an unwilling lover and silence any opposition, but unless honesty in what is going on is exercised, it will all be just a band aid.

As a person who do magic works for people I avoid trashing or blaming the client for ineffective works - because it does happens – but when you are there rubbing your beard wondering why the technology applied that always worked did not worked this time – you also start to assemble the steps you took and the request or intent given. Sometimes you realize you had too little information and made a work less precise that needs correction. Other times you realize that the desire and explanation given to you was not really truthful. It was more about a desire, thwarted in its linings, hence the goal was missed. As a coach and a therapist I have seen this with some frequency, what we want and what we need to get what we want, are not always beating the same drum…

So, let me say this; A magical work is a careful analysis of the situation and its bonds, the assessment of what is truly wished for and then to start to work these bonds with care and attention. In truth it is a natural, yet occult practical philosophy that lies at the root in how to understand and manipulate forces and vibrations, sentiments and desires against the lattices and matrixes of what is possible to manifest.

This means that when the intent is presented with deceptive information; deceptive the result will be and this is why the beginning of any successful magical work will start with some form of divination. In doing this the situation stated is gaining light by external forces (ideas, spirits, planets etc) or subliminal forces (your own daimon, kako and/or agathao). In doing this we establish a full landscape of forces active in the field that we seek to solve and in gaining this bigger picture and greater landscape we can realize what is truly at play. So for instance, the most popular request when it comes to magical workings, ‘bring my lover back to me’ is never as simple as making a padé to Pomba Gira and make the binding spell on top of the gifts. We need to get a bit more zen and realistic with what is going on when we deal with the world of spirits, because as above so below and that goes for all four sides of the compass. A relationship and an interaction are ruled by similar forces and sentiments it be between factors just material or factors spanning dimensions, visible an invisible. It is all about the bond we make, the favours we gain and use, our character and exploitation of others to seek our own pleasure and end. 

Let us continue with the most popular of spell requests, ‘lover come back to me’. It is in its proposition complicated, because in seeking to have your lover back you do need to address your own love, behaviour, attitudes and how you guarded this love as much as you need to be aware of how this love slipped out from your hands. Because if you don’t have love to give to yourself, how can you demand this from another? It is a thwarted bond and in this we find a breaking point and the bonds involved there that should be worked, not the desire to bind someone to you, because something ‘other’ would perhaps bring desire into realization. Likewise, another popular request is about court cases. So Joe made a scam and was caught; now Joe wants to get rid of the energies he attracted. That is something that can be easily done, but it is done more easily when the scam is admitted instead of presenting things like, ‘oh but I had the right to those belongings that’s why I stole them’.  In this additional information we will work very different magical solutions, to make an innocent man clean and make a guilty man run free is both rooted in justice and law, but the occult methodology will be very, very different. Yet, no work should be met with judgment, we all want something good for ourselves, yet in reaching for what is good, honesty is truly important so what is really at play can be tuned and brought into motion and the song of joy…   

This means that expectation is the Mother of disappointment, because when your desire is to have the return of your long lost lover in passionate embrace manifest in renewed contact we tend to be disappointed instead of seeing the seed of success - and disappointment as well as excess of desire are forces that spill and destroy results. Magic can at times be a slow process and several small precise works to adjust something is often better than a bomb giving casualties.   

A work of Magic is a delicate thing and as any statistical analysis, as any surgery a margin of error, of the unexpected must be calculated.  The more precise our diagnostic and choice of tools are the better and more precise the outcome will be.

For spirit related workings it is all about our relationship with spirit and our understanding of the given spirit that will dictate the outcome. A Babalawo that never tend to his orisas will naturally have slower, no result or unwanted results from a Babalawo that tend to his spirits daily. It all lies in the relationship. The friend you freeload on will at some time close his door on you; it is really as easy as that. Be a person of honour and character and you can do wonders.  The rest is about your aptitude to understand these secret bonds that moves beneath the world and makes it come alive. 

And thus by the virtue of magic and the logical sequence of this article, speaking of Spirit Workers, we have some spirit workers we should sort of forget. But this being said when any kind of market is open the charlatans tend to stumble in to see how they can take advantage, so beside watching the Spirit Workers character and the resonance involved in it all there are three types we should avoid, because any Spirit Worker reflecting any of these three forms have no real understanding of the magic that moves magic.

So for you who are searching Spirit Workers to do magic for you, here are a few advises concerning some typical characters we find out there:

The ‘100% Guarantee’ dude
The only guarantee life gives is that you will die. These spirit workers that promise 100% are clueless and believe they are the Masters of the Universe. If you go to court you have a 50/50, if you go to surgery, even a small one, you have a 70% of success – I would say magic maneuverered well is having a generally high success rate – but 100%... no one can give you that, not even statistics, there is always’ the third factor’ the force we never calculate with that makes nothing 100%.

The ‘I have God/Satan on my side’ dude
Well, the proposition is really not ok, but we have many of them. Oh I am this, I am that, I have worked this and that spirit for years, now I can help you, Exu bought me a house, Sango tore down my enemies…. It just goes on and on; please don’t fall for these kinds of polemic where you submit to someone who claims to hold superior powers. Some do have god given powers, but those who hold them will never speak of themselves in such ways, rather they tend to be simple and modest people realizing that they are what they are because of the relationship and gift they hold to the gift and spirit. It makes the Spirit Worker modest in the greatness of possibility and tends to take the shape of compassion and generosity.

The ‘By giving you Fear you give me Money’ dude
If you are purchasing a work and you are met immediately with something of the effect that ‘there is a great curse upon you’, please seek a second opinion. It might be, but believe me; it is extremely rare, because there are so few people out there that actually have spirit contact enough or knowledge enough to cast an efficient curse. What I have found in examining many such cases is that what Ifá calls Ibí Egùn, a family curse that reveals itself in the repetition of dysfunctional patterns or a self-curse that reveals itself in acting against one’s better judgment or knowledge. Don’t buy the curse just like that.

And so; if you fell for one of these charlatans in the marketplace, so what? No crisis, maybe some pennies less in your pocket, but also a lesson wiser and a capacity for discernment brighter. It is ok to have hopes and desires, to want and to seek completion. Sometimes there is a troll at the bridge masking as a sage, take it, get it and leave it. A lesson wiser always makes you … well…. wiser…

And also, we should remember that no one can give what they don’t have for themselves, so a person who has no love in his or her life, how can this person help you bring love into someone else’s life? A person that repeatedly struggle with paying rent, how can he or she help you with magic aiming towards monetary increase? As above, so below, what we fix in life also mirrors a symmetry and harmony in the invisible realms amidst spirits and stars.

What I want to demonstrate or speak of here as a conclusion is that by instinct or hope, by desire or hopelessness we tend to acknowledge that there is more between ‘heaven’ and earth that only us. In doing a magical work, in asking for a magical work being done we realize that we are not in total control of life. Hence the percentages of unpredictability in doing a magical work finds its life and purpose in this same margin of uncertainty where we can realize goals and miracles, in this liminal space where the visible and invisible meet one hand washes the other as we bring one another forward on this adventurous journey we know as life and the more we are struck with awe the more modest we tend to become, and the more in touch with spirit we are the more the spirit of generosity and good will tend to appear, because if your life gets better, my life gets better, your successful solution to a problem might be a remedy for others. 


Workings of Magic; Its Wonders and Disappointments

Magic is an Occult Science, not much difference from the field of Epigenetics when it comes to understanding what Giordano Bruno spoke of as the bond between things that causes attraction and rejection and how new bonds can be formed and the unexpected happening. And indeed, this is how complex the magical art is.
There are two field related to magic that tend to confuse many of us, these two realms are ‘the miraculous’ and ‘the powerful’.

When doing or asking for a magical work sometimes the expectation is the miraculous – and certainly this can occur. A miracle is these wonders that happen that makes us smile in awe. Yet miracles happens when we are already on the right track and the work done is giving that push needed to blaze open a path that is already realized. Or they can be the sudden healing from a simple prayer that has no explanation except for the sincerity of a bad person… because the miraculous is not about merit…

The Miraculous

Magic CAN cause miracles, but the miracle is also dependent on alignment and rhythm. It depends on the power of acceptance and potential of action in the one that is doing the work or the one a work is done for.

For instance; you make a work for love, but the love you want is a love that doesn’t love you. Is this a work of love? Or you make a work to thwart justice, whilst you know you are to blame; are you doing a work of justice?

Everybody lies and everybody feels they deserve better, at least this is what words speak as we try to convince ourselves. But words rise from this boneyard of memory we keep within and our bones know better – it is that ol’ Devil Saturn – gracious and knowing that call us to our senses and question our truth and logic; through the memory of our bones.

This is important, because we need to be completely in agreement with the work done for it to have any effect. Ifá has a proverb (paraphrased for this article): ‘Spirit can only give what we allow to enter’ in the sense of if we feel underserving of the love we are craving, we will also deny it to enter, no matter how many magical workings we are doing.

This disappointment is quite simply explained. It is about working erroneous magical bonds. In this case it is about presenting a wish with no consideration of how this wish can travel towards you. As I have had countless requests about bringing back a lost love, what I see in the majority of these cases is that the one still feeling ‘love’ is in truth feeling ‘loneliness’ or ‘obsession’. The object of desire is long gone and there is a wish for this past to resurface again, but not for the sake of love, but for loneliness and sadness to evaporate. Hence what is happening here is that you think you work a bond of Venus, while your entire being and your desire along with it – is steeped in Saturn.

In short any love marked by melancholy holds a bond to Saturn as any obsessive an erratic love holds a bond to Mars. If you work Venus in this you work the wrong bond.

The occult philosophy that informs magic need to arrive to the nature of these bonds, because if one person insist on Venus while it is really a bond of Saturn we are speaking of, well no working will have the desired effect. It will be like taking the wrong train over and over again, sure you reach some destination, but not the one you aimed for. A magical working needs to be precise and as any precise science if we err in the parameters we do not reach the goal, but we can discover other wonders in our miscalculations. Anyway, we always receive what we allow in, and what enters often knows better what we allow in than we do. 

A miracle is cause by harmony, not a dance between desire and reality and the resistance and insistence coming from it.

The Powers

When we do a working with a spirit with a given intent, for a precise purpose I have found that many never consider what is going on in the interaction or bargain itself. Whenever I see some dude telling that he can turn shit into gold or see the death of your enemies just by appealing to his spirits, just because he have made some pact or whatnot I giggle. For sure we can make pacts with spirits that can aid us in doing miracles and accomplish great things, but at the end of the day, at some point any abused spirit, like any abused human or animal will strike back. People who make endless pacts with spirits end up as the slaves of these same spirits. People who only resort to living spirit when they need something will end up with empty hands. I am not on par with the ‘oh’ spirits are our friends’ thing some people have going on, rather I revere powerful spirits as powerful allied and it is on me to ensure that our alliance is good for both sides denying any dysfunction on either part.

When we manage to establish such connections we tend to treasure them and we somehow become reluctant to display spiritual and material greed and instead we ask them to teach us.
And so, doing a magical work using powerful spirits, will it work? It usually does, but it also has a cost, like any friendship and alliance (if you don’t get this, go and think a bit about relationships at large).

And following this, Palo Mayombe and Quimbanda both have reputations of giving fast and expedient results, no matter what. Yet, in both cases this power rests on work done to establish this alliance and we end up with powerful allies that are their own masters and no slave to anyone. Hence, any work aiming towards bending such potencies to your will might not always work out as you expected, because when you deal with fire and power, intelligent spirits that doesn’t need you and start to beg for favours… well sometimes this is like a beggar asking boons from a Prince, it might happen or not, and honestly what I have seen over the years is that when we deal with powerful spirits our character is important, if you are a shit they might entertain your foolishness for some time, but if you strive to measure up we have a company amongst equals, because our relationship with spirit is not much different from the relationship we have with plants, beasts and other humans. The more good will we enjoy in these realms the more good will we tend to attract from spirit.


At Sacred Alchemy Store we have now made available some new services and products, as well as a single offer. 

More will come shortly; we are simply just waiting for the products themselves to arrive so they can be made available. 

Also we will have an All Hallows give away as well as discount on the majority of our products and services at this time as a belated celebration of the store and to give back to all of you who made this venture to be such a delightful success. You can access the products directly by a click on the header of each product.

The new products we made available so far are as follows:

To seat a spirit of the woods in a proper vessel is a magical act well known in all corners of the world, most popular through folk magic across the globe that aims to seat a particular virtue within the memory of the one that held that virtue. In this way we find that we can re-create the spirit of a particular vibration using remnants and representations of that vibration or force through blood and elements from all kingdoms to take on its prime force.

We have made two boar spirits using the methods and technology of the Norse sages to bring to life two spirits born from nine types of wood, six types of earth, three types of blood and the secrets in-between, to give birth to spirits of courage and bravery.

These spirits have accepted their names and declared their purpose to be true and so we offer them to be taken by whomever see themselves worthy of the bravery and cunning of the boar.

The boar tooth that has been made the home of the spirit, which then have been bound in true silver and real leather, and have accepted to be called by a name proposed to it. The name of the spirits will be given to the future owner, but also it must be guarded and not divulged to anyone, according to custom, lest power is lost, because in knowing the name, in this lays its power… 

Patuá is a tupi word (patauá) meaning ‘bag of leather or cloth we tie to our chest’ as a reference to the bag the hunters were using to gather what they found in the woods it be food, bone, earth, feathers, meat or treasures. It also held the meaning of being an ‘amulet’.
patuá is what Quimbandeiros  often refer to as ‘a gathering of life’, which is the vernacular meaning for what a patuá is, and so a patuá is a gathering of things found to serve a purpose, usually composed of parts mineral, animal and vegetal, that gives a new life and direction.

For the tupi-speaking hunters it was apparently about the sum of what was found, but it was also the methodology that made it possible to carefully assemble  elements in order to give it a direction, a force of its own.
We are offering Quimbanda patuás both with a specific direction and directed to capture the virtue of a particular Exu or Pomba Gira. We have decided to make these patuás in relation to Exu and Pomba Gira as rulers of given kingdoms and a few with a specific direction. If you want more specific patuás, please write us and we can accommodate, but please keep in mind that a patuá for a specific Exu or Pomba Gira can at times also invite in a presence that do its work for good and for ill, so measure well and speak with us before you make your choice so we can arrive at the best solution for you. The options listed below are patuás we have found to give benefit and have no issue making for whomever see to attract these potencies to their lives. Any questions or special request, please do write us at: sacred.alchemy.store@gmail.com

Exu (a generic patuá composed of elements from all nine kingdoms to invite in a dynamic presence of Exu)
Exu Tranca Ruas (for opening roads and be able to make the better choice)
Exu Omolu (for connecting with ancestry and the realm of ancestors)
Pomba Gira (a generic patuá composed of elements from all nine kingdoms to invite in a dynamic presence of Pomba Gira)
Pomba Gira das Praias (for understanding and healing of the emotional realm of being)
Pomba Gira Maria Padilha (for attraction of love and the erotic)
Zé Pelintra (for gaining a gambling hand and the upper hand in business dealings)

These charms are designed to attract benevolence and/or protection against àjé(witches) as well as a greater presence of àjé in ones life. These charms are made under the auspices of Òrúnmìlà and Ìyà Mí Òsòròngá using proper and correct odùand words of power to charge the secret contents by an Awo Ogboni and a Ìyàproperly initiated into the cult of Ìyà Mí Òsòsròngá ensuring that the proper ásé has been encoded in the charm.

Ifá teaches that àjé brings riches as well as cataclysm and emotional stability as well as emotional terror, so these charms invite a keen sense of discernment. If you are in emotional turmoil, protections might be good, if wealth is lingering maybe an invitation is in place.  If you are in doubt of attracting or protecting is better, please feel free to speak with us about which choice might be the wiser one at sacred.alchemy.store@gmail.com

These charms come with a medicine that needs to be applied to the body prior to wearing the charm. The details of the procedure will be provided in the instructions that follow these charms as vesting these powers, it be for benevolence, protection or attraction is an act of magic in itself.

We offer these unique and powerful charms with the following three directions:

Ìmú Ìyàmi for attracting benevolence
Ìmú Ìyàmi for attracting protection
Ìmú Ìyàmi for attracting the presence of àjé (witches)    

This service is aimed towards you who want to know who you are dealing with, it be a partner in crime, a judge, a future employee, lover or partner, friend or foe you want to understand a bit better. It is about addressing the prime nature of the person in question and from this assess discrepancy, compatibility and resonance. You might want to procure this service when you are in doubt of your future mate, if the culprit is guilty or not or most of all when you seek to place the right person in the right position in your company. 

We will need  to know the gender, place, date and time of birth of the person in question to effectuate this service.  

Lastly we also want to inform that we have available two sets of our product Devil & Saint, which are basically St. Cyprian and Exu Meia Noite combined with a vial of oil, guia and rosary that we made ready in the days of St. Cyprian and St. Michael over the course of seven days that also spanned the lunar eclipse in September as Moon entered Aries. We are speaking of the power of thunder and lightening, eclipses, new beginnings and devils and saints working fast. These sets have been endowed with a remarkable amount of virtues. The oleum that comes along with them is a continuation of the root oil made during the feast days of St. Cyprian two years ago that in this case will be vivified and enhanced for the third year bringing in moss, musk and the depth of caves. 


The Dynamics of Spiritual Consults

We are offering two types of consults at the Sacred Alchemy Store, the Quimbanda consult and the dafá or Ifá consult and sometimes it can be difficult to choose what consult is better suited to one’s needs, hence this article detailing the content and purpose as well as  differences in these services.

The Quimbanda consult we offer is long distance, i.e. in the absence of the person we make the consult for, this means that we need something called volts. A volt is something ‘of the person’ and is commonly hair, blood, saliva, nail clippings a t-shirt containing the sweat of the person and so forth. Now we never ask for this, instead we ask for these volts in the form of signature and picture of the person that somehow stands in for the volts we are not asking for, simply because to the reservations many have with sending hair, blood and nails to strangers – and for the record, you should be careful in sending such items out to people – unless it is indeed necessary and trust is solid.

We also ask for a list of ancestry going back in three joints on both sides, from parents, grandparents and great-grandparents because we always feed the ancestors of the client prior to the consult. Sometimes this is difficult, it be about adoption or downright hatred of one’s ancestry. This is all fine, nameless ancestors will nevertheless be placated and fed in the initial phase of the consult.

Now, given what we have to work with in terms of volts presented to spirit in a Quimbanda consult, the outcome is never possible to predict. What we guarantee is that this will address the spirits working with the person submitting this for the consult and in knowing the spirits that walks with you. This knowledge will give you a chance to understand yourself better. This because the Exus and Pomba Giras that turn up in the consult will always be spirits close to the person and in understanding their spiritual make-up we also understand ourselves better.  A session in vivo with Exu or Pomba Gira is always a fun and challenging event, this because they are direct and rude oftentimes, but yet what we have found in long distance consults is that they also speak enigmatic, like they want to pass on a message to the client without the cambone (the assistant of the medium) being aware of the true nature of the message. We pass on everything spirit gives, but certainly all joking around these spirits often comes with is left out in favour of presenting a particular message, it be direct or cryptic.

So, this service is for those who primarily want to gain knowledge of what type of spirits that walks with them, because this knowledge is valuable for our self-understanding given that we all have an Exu and Pomba Gira that walks with us since birth.

Another benefit in this is that your spirits are also fed in the consult; it means we are buying cigars, cigarillos, candles, champagne, whiskey, cachaça etc. in your name to offer up to spirit, which always have a good tranquilizing effect on spirit and open a bond between spirit and client. This means that a large part of your investment goes directly to spirit.

Now, if your need is about specific issues and problems, this can of course be brought to Exu, but perhaps our Ifá consult is better advised. Ifá is a astro-geomantic oracle that looks to the past to predict the future. More specific we find that the corpus of Ifá contains 256 patterns or matrixes/vibrations and these patterns is combined using prayers and evocative words of power along with the opele or divining chain, that is then manipulated in order to establish the energetic pattern or vibration that is recurring in a specific situation, like the unique situation you are going through right now. Hence Ifá defines the vibration and energy at play and how this was solved in the past and keeps on being solved now with the same or similar methods and in this the oracle provides solutions by defining the precise pattern of the situation that you experience as complicated. In other words, Ifá is a problem solving tool that makes a perfect diagnostic of the situation and provides solution towards resolve.

So, basically, if you are on a spiritual quest and up for a challenge our Quimbanda consult is the way to go, but if you have a problem or are confused about what direction to take and how to resolve a specific situation our Ifá consult might be the better way we can assist you in getting to the root of the problem and find solutions.

And please, as always, feel free to write us prior to purchasing any services to clarify doubts at sacred.alchemy.store@gmail.com


Life-Coaching at Sacred Alchemy

At Sacred Alchemy Store we are now offering life-coaching long distance using Skype.

The format of coaching we offer is not confined to a single parameter of orientation and strategies, but draws on a multiplicity of techniques in its fundamentally cognitive-behavioural approach leading to what I have called awareness oriented coaching.

In simple terms this form of coaching which will address patterns of thought and behaviour that sabotage our efficiency as social actors and hinders us in reaching our goals with a distinct focus on the present aiming towards increased self-awareness and self-efficiency and in this the ultimate goal is a greater mastery of Fate through developing tools for coping with life and shape identity with greater precision.  

Coaching will be done by me, Nicholaj, who have studied psychology at the University of Trondheim, Norway, specialised in social psychology and behaviourism.  In addition to this I have a decade of therapeutic experience from several hospitals and institutions of mental health, with a particular expertise of OCD, schizophrenia and schizoid sufferings, likewise a decade as a therapist in facilities that offer rehabilitation from addiction.

Naturally it is also proper to mention my own interest in traditional faiths that have led to a focus on developing good character and tranquility of the mind as a strategy in its own right to cope with life and its challenges, which invites in a more holistic perspective.
Finally I also want to mention that I find language private and unique to the one using it, hence the words and imageries we are using when we try to converse and communicate are factors of importance in how we narrate life and experiences and is an important aspect of how this form of coaching develops over the course of the sessions.

This means that the coaching we offer, being of a behaviourist and cognitive orientation will bring in factors that bring attention to our self-awareness, crucial to our self-efficiency. From this approach it is possible to offer a great variety of coaching’s it be about matters personal, spiritual, blockages or efficiency, all in this field of self, purpose and what lies ahead and how to get it.

Point being, a coaching session is about you and what you need to be a more efficient and self-aware actor in your life and it thus follows that we can offer coaching in fields as diverse as:

Life situations in general

We offer single sessions and also a pack of five sessions to a reduced cost. It is however important that you who wish to contract this service write me on beforehand on sacred.alchemy.store@gmail.com or nicholaj@gmail.com  This because the amount of clients I am able to take on will be limited in order to secure quality of this work. This because I am taking measure to give the needed attention to each and everyone, hence the amount of clients cannot override my capacity. Also, it is important to have the case presented to me prior to starting the coaching so a best possible direction can be worked out already from the beginning.

Everything done is naturally bound in any and every code of confidentiality and when need arises a contract to such end will be issued.




A Gift of Trolls

A review of Johannes Gårdbäck’s Trolldom (YIPPIE. 2015)

This book is the product of an involved and dedicated practitioner of the Scandinavian folk magic, better known as Trolldom. It is truly a delight to see this rich tradition be so well documented in all its variety as in this book that is in essence a gathering of spells and workings. We find here workings for hunting and fishing, court cases, love, gain, protection and destruction. In this way we see from the arsenal of spells how the Scandinavian culture was and what needs magical solutions were applied for and in what ways. Heretical ecclesiastical procedures, appellation to Lucifer and the demonic realm is here presented side by side with the richness of natural sympathies from all kingdoms to give voice to this cultural and magical heritage in its richness and diversity.

In addition to this part of spells that constitutes the major part of the book, with enchantments and summoning given both in English and its original phoneme, we also find a great introduction to this art by analysing the varieties within Scandinavia itself and its spread as Scandinavians migrated to America and how these practitioners preserved these customs and also absorbed lore of resonance with the heritage they came with. Between this field of background and the art itself we also find a most interesting discourse on how to become trollkunnig, in other words, how to possess this ‘gift’. Gårdbäck is here commenting on how this gift usually is passed down in the Family and reveal itself in the form of ‘warm hands’, clairvoyance or that the practitioner simply have the gift to cure or curse.

On a personal note I would also like to comment on how these practitioners often held special skills, like some were good in stopping blood, others were apt in the use of breath, often called ‘those who breathes or blows’, where the gift of enchantment was prominent.

Anyway, Gårdbäck also details ways in how this gift can be taken directly from nature and in this is presenting the ways this gift or heritage is passed on as we find in any stream of witchcraft on the continent. He however emphasizes the importance of this gift being mediated by someone who is already trollkunnig, because in truth this gift is quickened by utesitta (sitting out), a practice that was outlawed in Scandinavia shortly after the advent of Christianity, given how it was ‘awakening trolls’. And in this he comments something crucial on page 37:”Learning from the trolls includes learning from all kinds of spirits. They may be spirits of the dead or ancestors, regardless of whether they are called alver (elves) or trolls, but they may also be the rå-spirits (guardians) of lakes, forests, or rivers”. We can in this also add the aesir and vanir, because, as Gårdbäck points out, until the early 18th Century, there were really not much distinction between these spirits and other types of spirits as everything was sort of contained in the idea of ‘troll’, a mysterious spirit. Beside this the possession of a svartebok (black book) was also considered to be a legitimate transmission in itself, insofar as the practitioner was actually doing the work and reaping the lessons and wisdom coming his way.
I wanted to highlight this dimension because this speaks of a living tradition where wisdom is constantly acquired from actively interacting with the spirits of nature as the fundamental way of gaining the ‘gift, it be about given the gift alone, perhaps accompanied by a svartebok or under the tutelage of a trollkunnig.  

There is much more that could be said of this great gift of trolls, but I will limit myself to congratulate Johannes Gårdbäck on this achievement so marked by a willingness to share in giving such great testament to a tradition well and alive as he has done with this book.

You find Dr. Johannes at this site: http://www.therootdoctor.se/where this book can also be ordered.    


The Voice in the Path: The End

“You have to die a few times before you can really live.”
 - Charles Bukowski

Indeed, as we live on we repeatedly die and we die again, as we bring birth to a renewal of ourselves, our ideas, our identity and the meaning that lies spread out like pebbles on our path. In the resurrection we cast of our skin and we forge new bonds as the old is laid at rest in some chest or burned at the pyre of renewal.

But the living will always resent, hate and envy those who hold hand with death, because transformation - for specie, like ours, that seek to be still in permanence - is a threatening possibility. Death is everywhere, it be in the death of a conviction, a thought, dysfunction or the Batillian orgasm. Some of us just push this fact over to the pages yet to be read in our little book of life, truth and lies.  

Those of us who have found peace with Death also find that life is a journey of wonders and we open up to these wonders in a spirit of interest, peace and will to engagement (oh well, often a reluctant engagement I guess, yet…)

Castañeda wrote in Journey to Ixtlan the following: “Death is the only wise advisor that we have. Whenever you feel, as you always do, that everything is going wrong and you're about to be annihilated, turn to your death and ask if that is so. Your death will tell you that you're wrong; that nothing really matters outside its touch. Your death will tell you, 'I haven't touched you yet.”

In this little phrase there is so much to extract, but in the scope of this article series let us give attention to a particular form of dissonance, the one that occurs in relation to goals and milieu, Self and collective, station and expansion. This field is regulated by the Self questioning its essence, place and expansion and in doing so we are automatically brought to the crossroad of choice. You know that place where the Devil lives… As you choose death in the shape of another route this holds consequences and some of us blame the Devil, others scapegoat and yet a few of us do take responsibility for our choices. In each choice we find a death and in each death we find resurrection, and resurrection is only possible by the force of transmutation and transformation. We go from a given temporal form to become dirt and on this reorganized dirt we raise again, hopefully with less of the dross we held prior to the trial of the crossroad and leave behind what impairs our life… The grace of death works in such ways that we can salute the new in honouring what was once.

Your ‘self-transmutation’, to borrow a word from A.O. Spare involves all things or as the Kybalion phrases it:

 "Mind may be transmuted,
    from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition;
    pole to pole; vibration to vibration.”

In other words, as you change, so does everything around you and in a world seeking permanence and ambition, your ‘self-transformation’ will also relocate and confuse the world around you. We are cause and effect, just as any other organism that holds motion works in the same simple reference of becoming, death and stillness.

The friends of Death are lovers of transformation and transmutation, they do not look favourably upon permanence, knowing it is just the stillness between breaths and if the pulse is not beating a death more sinister awaits, because to change your mind, to change your heart is as human as safeguarding still waters until it turns dirty and poisonous. Because if it is one thing the friends of Death do more than any other it is to refresh the waters of life. Doing this in a world like ours lead to the predominance of a given sentimental reaction, a state of being that the early Church father deemed a cardinal sin, namely invidia, or envy.

Envy can be understood to be a form of resentment that ends in hatred of another man’s good fortune. Schopenhauer took great interest in this sentiment related to his ideas of will and being as the two feet’s of our Self. In his discourse he ended on envy being termed Schadenfreude that is usually translated in taking pleasure in the misfortune of others, but particularly the misfortune of a friend. Sure envy is about desiring what your friend or neighbour has, feeling they are undeserving of their good fortune, but ultimately it is speaking of a lack you yourself have and in seeing your lack presented in blossoms in your friend you develop a form of wicked and weird instant hatred, a reaction and a projection that is nothing else than an escape from your own misery, Self-loathing and fear of Death.

Personally I find such things curious and annoying, because I truly believe that if my life gets better your life gets better, so your success becomes my curiosity and celebration. And of course in finding this strange I am reminded that the human race seeks permanence and affirmation of whatever they are.

I know it is more easy for us to affirm our low self-esteem than to deal with our appreciation of one another as it is equally hard for us to deal with the multiple deaths that brings on other version of what we once were.  It is truly a shame and we all know it should not be like this, but yet in the name of sentimentalism it is.

Hopefully there will be less dross in each resurrection, but nevertheless the souls of sentiments also seek to engrave and imprint... But when one man’s life is dross and your dross was its mirror, well there is no easy way out from that hall of left mirrors, but leave it true to yourself in the breath of nagging teeth’s of the others and see yourself free from that old hue.

But life must curl on, and so we do like a viper, hibernating just to shed its skin and see the word with new eyes each new awakening. If you don’t like the new form, leave it, if you hate it, retreat and if possible, shed your own skin because the dross you once loved is no longer there and if you still love the dross perhaps the time has come to accept Death and transform yourself in such ways that gives you yet again appetite on life?