Sacred Alchemy Store

Sacred Alchemy Store was today on the 9th of April inaugurated on a time astrologically elected to gain favour from the stars, in this case from Venus, who also happens to be the planetary ruler of my nativity. The astrologer William Lilly (1602 – 81) says that Venus signifies a man not given to quarrel or wrangling, but is rather about the pleasantries of the world with ‘Loving Mirth in his words’.  Venus owns several evergreens, such as myrtle and prefers greenwood of a sweet and pleasant scent. She is the Lilly, deadly and euphoric, it be of valley or water. Apples, roses and all sorts of sweet fruits like figs and apricots belong to her as does mugwort, walnuts and oranges. She is the hart, the Panther and the nightingale, swan and black coloured birds like the Pye. Venus rules gardens, fountains, waterfalls and bride chambers and any place and thing beautiful.  She is red coral and lapis lazuli. But Venus is also the planet of concord and of increase, she is the constant reminder that our world is beautiful and that a little bitterness is necessary for us to realize her sweetness.

It is about care and consideration; it is about favour and beauty in the absence of quarrel. It is about richness and about the element of transmutation – because Venus is certainly the Holy Dove that ignites spirit in what we do, so what we do in beauty can mirror truth.
These are as such the virtues and starry dignities influencing the birth of Sacred Alchemy Store.

The logo of the store was carefully developed in this very same spirit of concord and beauty we find in Ifá, where one verse in the corpus of odù ifá speaks of how goodness multiplies if we only reach out and touch the other with goodness. Hence we find two hands touching and simultaneously generating a sign of infinity as it points towards the source.

The name was chose because the work done in relation to the store is of a sacred nature. In truth there is nothing profane in the world, lest our attitudes, and as such health and beauty of body, soul and mind is the ideal that is stirring the birth of this store.

It is alchemical, not solely because of the alchemical process we associate with the laboratory, but because of the focus on transmutation and elevation on the tripartite constitution of the human being. Alchemy is about introducing two or more components together to arrive to a refined product that captures the virtue of the introduced components into a new form and constitution and in this frame all services and products provided in Sacred Alchemy Store is brought forth on the tenants of alchemy.  

This is true as much as for our services as for our products.

But, to get to the blood and bones of the matter, over the years a great number of people have contacted me about matters concerning Ifá, astrology, geomancy, Quimbanda, Palo Mayombe, Vodou and many other matters of soul, psyche and spirituality. It made me realize that I have been subject for the giving graces of Venus throughout my life but it also made me aware that a more direct channel was needed.

And it is in succession of these giving graces this store has become manifest and it is because of this I offer this store as a bridge towards several mysteries of alchemical transmutation and personal fulfillment.  

Any consult, it be with the spirits or with stars, and any product, it be solid or liquid, has been subject for the alchemical transmutation occurring in the field of prayer, song and offerings to bring out the virtue in the mystery at hand. And the mystery is always about a world touching another...

So with this we invite you to Sacred Alchemy Store

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The Noble Pilgrim

Everyone in the world is in search for something good for themselves. After all life is a joyous adventure amidst triumph and challenges, situations and opportunities.

Speaking of goodness, it is important to define this idea further. We all have an idea of what goodness is, mediated by opinions formed upon experience and information. The idea of goodness can range from envisioning Holy Men like the Dalai Lama and acts of kindness done to other beings. But goodness can also be about striving towards grasping blessings, luck and it can also be about finding oneself in a position of taking advantage of a situation as much as it can be about money, possessions and aspirations.

As the neo Platonic traditionalist I am, Plato often moves ghostly in the caverns of my mind, and in terms of goodness Plato’s Form of Good is vital for understanding goodness. For Plato, the Form of Good was equalled with Truth and Beauty and reflected on source and origin of all forms and ideas.  The goodness inherent in the ideal realm of existence is reflected upon our ‘empirical’ condition moved by change and opinion in our world. This in turn gives room for everything we are searching for being potentially good. It comes down to the harmony between character and action. Lao Tzu commented that we should treat those who are good with goodness, but also treating those who are not good with goodness and thus establish a chain of goodness in actions reflected by our character. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the particular goodness we are searching is rooted in some altruistic and self denying ideals, rather I would say with Ralph W. Emerson that often “your goodness must have some edge to it, else it is none”.

I feel goodness is more easily practiced, experienced and sensed by those who are adventurers in their own life, because the spirit of the adventurer is one of interest in all things that crosses the path of the one that is in search of something good for himself.   

The adventurer approaches life with interest. If we approach life with interest we will enable the spirit of the adventurer to enter as our compass and guiding rod. The adventurer is the spirit of the Pilgrim, it is he or she that is constantly present in the moment and is capable of listening to the wind that moved the leaves along the tracks we passed and gain notion of what the future holds. I see the beginning of nobility in this attitude and approach.

To find Self and Fate as we walk the Path rises naturally when we take an interest in our adventure, but the path itself does not make any distinction between King and Queen, the poor or the beautiful ones as much as the knife do not recognize its maker... but I believe the path do recognize goodness and the noble ones.


Receive Me in a World Apart

“A man who is used to acting in one way never changes; he must come to ruin when the times, in changing, no longer are in harmony with his ways.” 

- Machiavelli

Time is a bitch, it makes you old, but Time is also a memory of the Golden Age. We understand time often too linear, it is something that happens as you take your breath as an infant and give up your last breath to Earth and Death. But Time was, and can still be, a state, and modern man rarely reflects upon this aspect of time as pure movement.

Modern man holds on his shoulders the spirit of ambition. The spirit of ambition is a democratic monster that tells you that you can be whatever you want to be, that you can take whatever you feel you deserve. In ambition we find sentimentalism. This sentimentalism is not about memory and how memory sheds light on the steps yet not taken, but about a flashlight empowered by everything we choose to be blind for in order to light up the way ahead.

In ambition we find no notion of being worthy, nor of being granted welcome even if you fell to be worthy of receiving what you seek to hold, all in the name of ambition. Ambition do not hold hand with worth, ambition holds hands with usurpers and the spirit of Hubris.

I’ve been there, I did that, and that is why I write about it... 


The Master of Wolves

The world is what it is. It is a den, a pool, a jungle – of whatever you want to gather around yourself in your enclosure. You make part, you take distance or you take the role of master or slave, chief or subject, head or tale. When we react on something occurring in the field of experience we always do so as head or tail, master or slave. Our reaction to occurrences in the world is often stimulated by the wish and desires of assuming mastery of a situation, and this is only natural and good. Still, true mastery comes with experience and the necessary skills to dominate a situation with finesse, understanding and elegance and this is as true for a master of war as it is for a master of wisdom.

But no matter our experience and skill, we all seek to dominate our own life, no matter our lack of excellence in domination, because deep down we all know that mastery is not about domination but about knowing your soul and deepest impulses to such level that you can manoeuvre your life with dignity. When we take mastery of our life we are like the Captain of a ship that get’s his soul to ports of safety and repose. In this lies acceptance and understanding, a certain humility impregnated upon the soul that grows wiser by understanding.

To become the Master of your life, means that you need to assume the responsibility of being the author of your own fortune and misfortune. You’re mastery is counted by the measured steps you take in this world, and how you deal with your own missteps and good steps. We are all eternal apprentices in the compass of life, but some of us learn from experience and see experience as a blessing that corrects and makes sharper our finesse. Success and failure are the two hands that mediates the arrows of the compass – and a true Master will always know this and he or she will never succumb to self glorification or self denigration (unless in sombre moments of reflection where digestion of what passed is taking place), rather, everything is challenge and situation in order to become more in tune with essence and Self. No Master is ever ready, but is always ready for a new challenge. Every new challenge brings to the Master a sense of glorification and falsification. Life itself is a corrective device.
And this internal great work is what we all do, no matter our station and position, if we are master of serf, we all should do it, because the wolves and hyenas of the world is always roaming around with great appetite for anything but Mastery.

I believe the world is infused with three potencies, those who seek Mastery, those who seek Slavery and the Hyenas of the world that just want to consume everything and in this a tangled web often occurs, because at the end of the day the Spider is the one who takes down us all... I will leave you to ponder about that one, as I stretch up the canvas of the world. We think that everything is available for us; the spirit of democracy taught us that we can be whatever we want. But if you don’t have the skill, or experience, of being what you want perhaps your desires are deceiving you? 


A Stream of Golden Blood Running from the Trolls

If we dissect the word Witchcraft we will find that within all its interpretations the idea of ‘skill’ is found.  The skill in question is commonly related to cunning or knowledge and this knowledge is commonly appropriated in the skill of summoning spirits. Summoning a spirit means to know the rhythm and relationship between a soul and what animates it. As such Nicola Tesla, Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin with their discoveries could be seen as possessing the necessary skill that would deem them witches, and perhaps their Occult, Alchemical and Masonic connections gave to them the necessary skill to discover the animating spirit beneath the phenomena’s of energy, communication and gravity they gained fame for.

But witchcraft goes deeper than the world and so the skill of scientific discovery is merely a skill rooted in an understanding of the world that is in agreement with a given world view, I mean profound discoveries of how spirit animates a soul can be what it is and it can open the world of mysteries.

I believe it is here the witch (no matter how much I have grown to dislike this term) thrives, because I still see the witch as a dweller on the outside that possess a particular ‘blood-line’. Now, I do have several convictions about what the witches blood lines mean and contain, but if we look at the current trends we find that the term ‘witch’ can refer to someone initiated into some stream claiming or stating that they are ‘witches’ as much as someone making a ritual to the Horned god in their backyard and feel results deem themselves a witch.

The feeling brought on by result can be tricky, because at times we do impose our own desire upon the goal we seek to achieve, a goal that by all measures should remain unnamed and secret. But it is also here in the very feeling that we see a crossroad take shape.  The witch feels through blood. To feel through blood means to meet kindred souls that share the spirit of the blood that animates your being in the condition you find yourself to be in this Now. The Witch is always marginal, but rarely an outcast in spite of sitting at the most thorny branches of the hedge. And it is there at the thorns at the summit of the hedge the blood runs down to its roots and speaks celestial languages with the forces below.  This is no mere necromancy or spirit summoning; it is about hostile parents breathing dew and fire in your eyes so you can take what is yours – and only what is yours – and by knowing what is yours you can bring it on in a flow of blood, inspiration and dread.

Because what remains between the thorns of the hedge is always a potential threat and threat is one of the animating spirits that quickens the witches’ blood –and what is this blood of witches...?

Well, if you need to ask, it gives its own answer...

The stream of blood that makes a witch can be quickened by spirit itself and it can be quickened by the cunning meeting; yet, no one can give you what you don’t already have...

The witch is tricky, because it is a poetic reality, but what does that paradox mean? I leave it to you to give answers to this paradox in your heart, so you can truly see how you feel about it. , but what I do know is that the knowledge rising from the skill taught by the spirit wardens of the witches’ craft is as tricky as the craft itself.

And I think that when you see too much, when your perspective folds out as you take too much in and feel alienated from the world -because alienation makes us estranged from the field of the witch, this world he she or he marks with drops of blood and charcoal - you will either interact and entertain or withdraw, but always in truth. And in this ladder I would say that the greater the distance is from the world the greater is the alienations, for good and for bad.

I believe the witch never grows arrogant, nor lies, but the greater grey field is a constant companion, because it is the blood of the black horse that colours the fields of hope grey, s Robert Cochrane wrote: 
“Never be like I was for a short while, arrogant in the knowledge of power, for She soon ripped me up, and brought me home across my black horse, and I like the knights of old lie wounded, and at this moment without hope” (The Robert Cochrane Letters. Capall Bann:  2002: 44)        

A true witch is always tempted by power, but with the temptation comes the arrogance and pride that leads to fall and disgrace. If you fall into temptation, use it wisely so you can tame trolls and make the forgotten wisdom yours, no matter if you share it or hold it thigh in the thorns of the hedge, it still ensure that the blood that made your track was not given in vain... in this I believe a small part of the witch’s creed rests... because the witch is not comfort, it is solace, solace of select appreciation... 

Illustration: T. Kittelsen


The Complainers Delight

“Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself. Is it true? At the second gate ask. Is it necessary? At the third gate ask. Is it kind?”
- Rumi

The world has a thousand mouths and endless is the amount of dross, gossip and hearsay we use the mouth for. We open a newspaper and it is about accusations and scandals, an eternal dance of “he said” “she did”, “he denied” and the usual flow of intrigue, accusation and defense. We enter the social media and it is the same shit there, complaints and nailing by word. “He did that”. “Did he really”, “Yes he did”– and the drama is on! It is a fucking drama everywhere and I can’t help wonder if the world find the very act of digesting words and thoughts unpleasant. Sure, people do enjoy filling the silence with words so they can generate distance from themselves, but is our world a place filled with people who enters a form of martial neurosis when the possibility of touching Self is closing in? It is the same when I on rare occasions visit the local tavern in the spirit of being a good neighbor. The good talk simply doesn't exist, because the attention is always upon what the others are doing and what is nobody’s business is given form by words shaped from poisonous and envious tongues. And then it is the usual complaining, it is too hot, it is too cold, the mayor is an asshole, and the neighbor is a sob... If you try to shed some positive light on the miracles in our day by day life you either get a puzzled look that makes you feel like an alien or a tap on the shoulder and some comments about your naivety or lack of interest with people’s problems. For me it is about perspective and what catches your attention and I do believe that we tend to get tangled up in what occupies us, so if injustice is what we focus on, we will find it at the end of every breath we take. 

There is so much complaining around, perhaps so much that it is difficult to realize that a complaint is a lamentation born from grief. Is the world so full of grief that we are unable to count our blessings? Or is it so that the world is so full of opinions born from a passively harbored resentment and envy with the world that we need to badmouth and sting everything and everyone else to feel good about ourselves?

It is a fucked up atrocity to see how people seek, in conscious or subconscious ways, to elevate themselves by putting other people down. Because, for sure, the tongue is mightier than the sword as we have all witnessed in lives being destroyed by false testimony, oaths and promises being broken and the enormous power the word holds to make good as well as bad. When we see our poisonous tongue bringing a tower down we might have a moment of regret in our bittersweet triumph, but we walk on, doing our poisonous business as demigods taught the lessons of debunking happiness from a shit head Buddha with a bad breath. And as any good students we replicate the ways taught. Sure, we are all conditioned, from this pop culture of sensationalism, lies and apocalyptic uneasiness we live in – but if we are not able to notice the infection perhaps we should take a step back and let the world be what it is so we can be who we are?

I don’t believe that you are shit just because shit is what you see, but I do believe that if shit is what you see it is because you have been entertaining a negative circuit that has spread out and is dominating you. Society is a living organism and it can bring about disease, if the organism is infected. It is easy for me to avoid to be infected, living secluded in the jungle clad mountains I deal with the world on my own premises and in this I have found perspective and freedom. But perhaps because of this the contrast between my Thoreau-like day by day and the modern world screams so loudly... I don’t know, but I think everyone known the adage, ‘the mouth speaks what the heart is full of’, which is actually from Matthew 12:34 that reads in full: “You brood of vipers, how can you who are evil say anything good? For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”


The Ancestral Fractal

“You carry away with you a reflection of me, a part of me. I dreamed you; I wished for your existence. You will always be a part of my life. If I love you, it must be because we shared, at some moment, the same imaginings, the same madness, the same stage.” 
- Anaïs Nin

Before the bones there were the dream of bones and with the arrival of bones came the root of ancestry. According to the Vedanta the dream state is where the living soul (jivatma) is to itself its own light. As a self contained and self expressive light it produces mental imageries through desire alone. These mental images are directly related, if not dependent, on the subtle form of the individual that dreams forth these images. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad comments that because of the nature inhabited in this dreaming forth we also find accidental modalities of these imageries which lead to these self generated imageries being often fractals of a greater dream. It is in this field we find illusion and self deception as much as enlightenment and ascent which takes on different proportions in the limits of the material world we experience in our waken state. The state of dream can be said to be ideal and hold a wider field of possibilities that is restricted in the waken state, we are speaking of a harmony within a greater harmony, even thou some might feel that the waken state defies the dream state in the experience of material restriction. The experience of restriction can invite confusion, rebellion as much as it can invite the creation of imageries of desire, pertaining to the state of dream, upon the material world. When we do this we can impose our ideal desire upon the world and in doing this we can bring forth our destiny or we can confuse the planes.

Before we became known as human beings we were active mists of dreams. When we became human beings the dream mist turned into the search of the ideal and beautiful we would experience when we took Fate at her reins and made our track and mark upon this world. As we bring dreams into reality and experience the discrepancies of the two states in generating disruption into our lives we are in the totality of the human experience, the dream that became the bones that dreamed an even greater dream.

This is solely a fractal of the complex spiritual constitution that makes up the human being, and with fractal I mean this in the original Latin sense as something irregular, broken off from a greater image. This image is the mist of dream we feel connected to and yet alienated from, which leads to friendships, enmities, wars, feuds, ambition and acceptance as we try to find our way in the thicket of the world. In opposition we define ourselves as much as we define ourselves by adopting what attracts us – and then we have society. Social conditioning, the spirit of the age, is where we find the dream of earth producing boundaries and structures that are always in transition. A social structure is the dream of earth taking from on its way to dissolution that gives the sigh for another wave of dreams that brings new structures and new forms, always temporal, just like the transitory state of the human being.
Fractals of a divine dream coming to earth in search of finding those and what that gives the fractal an experience of completeness is a vision of mankind both beautiful and terrifying. It can also be a source for understanding and explanation of the many forms of self created spiritualities we find today, after all in dreams the living soul would produce any imageries of desire that would please it as it shard the mist of dreams with all other dreamers.


Finding Self in Darkness

"We have in fact entered upon the final phase of this Kali Yuga, the darkest period of this dark age, the state of dissolution from which there is to be no emerging except through a cataclysm, since it is no longer a mere revival which is required, but a complete renovation."
– René Guénon

The Modern World is signified by great accomplishments, great wars, great advances in material science and the spirit of greatness seems to be the force that flows through the fabric of society and create ideas of greatness where no greatness is to be found. The spirit of greatness encoded in the political playground takes the shape of glorification of democracy. The glorification of the democratic model comes with subtle ideologies that in silent ways misinform shapes and condition the population into believing in greatness they may or may not have in the name of equality.

Today everyone is encouraged to follow whatever star they fancy to follow, if they have the skill, calling or condition to follow the star through because we are conditioned to believe that we can take dominion over everything we want to dominate. It is all about will and desire triumphing on the corpses of Fate and Truth as it gives the illusion of greatness to the mediocre and impotent. It is a beautiful new world where the trolls command the saints, where ignorant and greedy political rulers seem insatiable in their thirst for blood and money. The Kali Yuga is the age of dissolution, where residues of past glories are turned into shit and hives of the illusions that rottenness shines with the glow of gold, just to keep the darkness at bay.

Many of us are lost and find meaning in the pure pursuit of ambition just to find that the goal is an empty well of anxiety – as rich you are – in material wealth or rich in illusions of grandeur - the more paranoid you will be. Yet others identify ambition as meaningless and withdraw from the world, where others pursue the world with a feverish desire of conquest. We dance on the web of Maya as drunken saints, mad prophets and naked Kings and Queens. Our dance is one of regaining sanity, clarity and domain.

We should consider if these advancements are – or are not - the degenerated residues of traditional sciences of truth, because after all we are left drunken, lost and naked when we pursue goals shaped from ambition, will and desire as the trinity that moves our personal power into a charade of greatness.

But how can we know if our ‘dark inspiration’ is true or not, how can we know who we are when our ambition drives us towards transgression for the sake of transgression? A transgression is about breaking constructs that restricts us from reaching our self, and this is good. In becoming lawless for the sake of truth is different from the lawlessness entering when we seek the greatness offered up to us by the rulers of the world, those that gives us ambition and equality on a silver plate. The warrior of power and domination often takes the role of a victim in a cosmic mystery play he or she is not aware of. At least I am not impressed by people making self empowered cults of grave robbery or enslaving souls because in this I see slavery to the darkness that has veiled the world in dissolution – and in this there is mystery upon mystery.


The Dual Sphere of Becoming One

Our experience of the world is one of benevolent and malevolent experience and we always use our self as the measure. When we use our self as a measure for what is good and bad we turn experience static and we embody dogma. Some say that this is only natural because some of us are left brained ruled and others right brains ruled. This is bogus; the corpus collosum is the bridge between that unites the divide and rescues us from seeing the world in black and white. Some says that it is because of the structure of the brain we have this dual experience, but I believe the brain is an expression of an empyrean and far older dichotomy and not the source of dualist experience.

The dualist experience enters into our life whenever we seek to separate the same from the other and here, in this fundamental grace of living so many of us takes a million wrong turns and makes separations and taxonomies between a private life and a sacred life, a mundane life and a secret life. The dualist experience should move us towards union and not separation, but alas this is what often happens and thus the truth of duality is born in spite of us being living examples of the opposite.

I mean; you go to your work and you apply your schema of whatever position you have at your work, you go home and utilizes the wife or husband schema as you use the friend or buddy schema in conformity with situations. It is easy to perceive this as fragments of a whole, but perhaps it is the whole that moves in effective ways and it is us that have problems seeing where the fragments belong in this unit we understand to be ourselves?

When we perceive something we always do this in a given moment, in a given angel and in a given time. The words said in this moment are not the same words said tomorrow, no matter if the mimic each other to the letter, because everything is dancing around in dances of degrees and positions, proximity and distance.

Proximity and distance seem to control our idea of sameness and otherness and in this we find comfort and unrest. The more alien a concept, being or idea is from where we are the more we tend to make a distance from the alien so we can better define the conditioned box that carries our name. We do like this activity of defining ourselves as different from the other... but it is all an illusion, because the more you fight it the more you will become it... and this might sound like a threat, but it is not. I believe that the more we strive towards our goals, our happy goals of fulfillment and satisfaction, the more we will be able to meet one another as long as we insist on our individual path towards joy and exaltation. If we do not meet, one of us is walking in the wrong direction...

For me at least, my best friends I either hated or loved at the first encounter – the illusion of dualism that is bound together by a single ray known as attraction – kind of ridiculous if you just bother to give it an afterthought. Let us just stop fighting it and approach with interest as we try to understand how our wealth as persons can enrich others and bring forth connections that inspire, unite, repel and teach something.

The experience of dualism is not about a black and white perception, it is erected as a challenging contrast that invites us towards union but too often we see the otherness and debunk it. Demonization and xenophobia is soon to follow as we widen the illusion of separation, while the reality of the spirit of the earth we are living on is a battlefield of contracts, pacts, unification's and separations is a constant dance of need that harbors no grudges.

We, we people, ensouled beings; spiritual beings in the flesh should get this idea better. A fight is something that moves us onward and not something that separates us in a gulf of grudges. Maybe my careless comment caused a negative reaction in you – and maybe you make positive changes because of this – but still hates me... the same is true if we turn the head of the long neck towards me.  A part of you is in me and I live in you. We share fear of each other as we share sordid symphonies of depraved lust that we deny for each other. At times we even lie about it – and this just makes the gulf into a canyon – and we believe the distance is too wide... but I can walk on clouds – and so can you.

Yeah, you live in me as we all live in one another – and dreams show us this as Morpheus bites our veins and ticks of red lights of warning and comfort – while we wake up and say, it was just a dream – making the canyon into a divide between continents. Because in dream we belong to one another and in dream we taste that fearful freedom we deny to the stranger we saw in dreams two nights ago but deny into our lives when he appears.

We are weird creatures, so often worshiping our isolation and misery in our useless work of definition. Even more so this separation is useless among witches, sorcerers, magicians, alchemists, gurus and what not involved in penetrating the veils of illusions and the fog of mystery to arrive at truth.  

My experience is that doing magic is fine, but it is only when you become magic you will realize that all the magic you have been doing was just a comfortable illusion, because magic needs bonds to work and bonds are made from relationships. The better we understand relationships, connections and bonds, the more we will understand what magic is about and we will see that we are at its center as we become a monad within a monad.

And this is the condition; worlds within a world of shared attraction – and attraction is simply a force, a pull, an energy that unites opposition, challenges and blessings in a motion that moves us all onward, sometimes in hatred, sometimes in friendship, but always onward in the hope that as time passes wisdom grows into understanding and acceptance where friend and foe can drink from the same chalice and yet shed blood by the beat of a fist as both are still laughing....

Art: Ernst Fuchs


This; Our World

I say it a lot, our world is a marketplace. And it is. We make our trades and deals, meet crooks and partners, friends and charlatans. Good moments spills over in bitter moments as tears turns into riddles and despair into laughter – and of course all reversed...  as your brilliant laughter makes the canvas of a silent kill in your back or somewhere else... We are inside our own dramas always and we constantly insist on not being the authors of these dramas. After all we all seek to be the hero in our own journey, in our own life, so to accept that we were the rock in the road towards a temporary downfall in our own life is often difficult to cope with. When this happens we feel we are losing control of our life, naturally, as we have stumbled into confusion and become dethroned from our own life.

These moments are glyphs of miracles. Because they show to us that we are not alone, no matter how much we would like to be alone, rather everything is connected and control lost is always given over to something or someone. If you believe our world is a fusion of the visible and invisible (at least in the sense of wind and electricity having an effect on your life) you will have the capacity for appreciating the loss of control of your own life. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. If you don’t know who you are or where you are going losing control of your life can be your ticket to finding yourself and if you do have some vague idea of who you are and life turns upside down, it might be the perfect juncture to redefine yourself.

To be the Master of one’s Destiny is a tricky little thing, because mastery is about dominion and to secure dominion is about knowing what to keep and what to let go. The Man or Woman of Destiny is a Warrior on the path of Self.  Certainly, a warrior is an opportunist, a master of deception and what not, but the skill defining a warrior is to set a goal and then measuring the environment so the knowledge of how to manipulate the condition to ones benefit can be a reality. In this process one need to display faith and one need to give oneself over to the surroundings in the hope that the path towards the goal was well measured.  

So, sure, we are all warriors of vanity and greed, dignity wisdom, beauty, fantasy, ambition, justice, truth and what not. It is a common energy found in our human struggle that also separates us. Our common energy and our different goals can create enemies as it can create lifelong allies and moments of bliss and concord in alien lands with the most estranged people. We need to keep this to our heart. Every single meeting we have with a human being (and for many an animal, tree or mineral) is precious. It is precious either by its gift of blessing, curse or – the greatest gift of all – discernment.

As warriors we want to make our life, and as warriors we seek alliances, just to discover that people are really as Machiavelli said: Of mankind we may say in general they are fickle, hypocritical, and greedy of gain.”
But isn’t this the element of suspense and thrill in the warriors journey, the warrior that seeks to become the hero of his or her own life and dominate his or her own dramas?
Ifá says in a verse from Ogbèatè the following:

Unhelpful persons are as abundant
As bushes in the forest
A good person is as rare as another eye
To find a good person, one must travel
A long way,
These were the teaching of Ifá for Orunmila
When he was going to become the husband
Of the world
When he was going to share the world into
Two equal parts with Olodumare
He was advised to practice sacrifice
He heard and he practiced it

This verse speaks of the human condition, being one of reluctance of help. It speaks of the good person being hard to find because of a division that occurred in the world. This division in the world is about paradox and contrast. It is about night and day, it is about earth and water, fire and air. It is about a deeper organization of the world that we only understand by approach the world with interest, preferably with a good heart and a sound mind... This is the attitude of a warrior of the world, to enter whatever that calls and then decide if to strike or to retract. This decision is mediate by clarity of vision and a purity of heart, because a warrior will always be clear in his or her goal. He or she seeks the honey draped gold at the end of the track.  Pursuing this goal means to interact with the world and find allies, friends and fiends. And this is the consequence we are experiencing in a world divinely divided, we must make ourselves whole through the alliance we make and break mediated on the goals we set for ourselves measured against our mind and heart – and by consequence what is good for us, what we need and what we want. Darn, this life is not only a market or a circus; it is a playground and a feast of poverty as much as a celebration of your riches. Your life is a drama that you constantly seek to own, but at times fail in possessing as your own. You see yourself as the failed hero and the butchered heroin. Not a good feeling, no matter if you are a bad or good warrior, the feeling is the same. Although the warrior of bad character will be filled with insecurities and paranoia, while the good warrior will be filled with riddles and interest – so you might want to watch this space in the absence of self projections upon your own ongoing drama.  This moment of “what now!?” is a condition the saint shares with the shithead – an only the honesty of solitude provides true answers, they be kept in vaults or shared with the world - the fallen warrior or the Hero to be knows the answer blasting in his or her heart...

 Perhaps the following words and wicked rhymes tracking the footprints of a warrior on a sandy beach will serve as a good conclusion for the beginning of contemplation...

Hey World
You are wicked, weird and wild
You have drown yourself in words, emptiness and fashion
and your words moves in the same empty fashion
singing elegies of gaps and holes to be filled
where we speak of sewers and rivers,
streams of honey and tears of gold cracks through
and sometimes they find junctures
where honey makes shit sweet
but the sewer still stink
and no sane person would stay
But in your wayward insanity you question
Yourself and wonder if you should stay
Or leave
You can contemplate the shit
You have all right to do so,
I prefer my honey
So I can rub my eyes in sweetness
And be deluded
By the path of honey
Because honey
Grows bitter
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