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Constant Goodness

We are conditioned to believe that goodness is restricted, that we need to work the tools of ambition to rise to some illusory summit of nothingness. We are conditioned to believe that we should be what we are not, that what someone else have is better than what we have. This leads us to a false belief in destiny being about a multitude fighting for the same price, while in truth fate is about the journey (an occasional fight) for taking the price that was all along ours. You are not me, and I am not you but still we share sameness in being journeymen and women on this heroic track of our Fate. At every crossroad, at every grove, valley and hill we are confronted with the spirit of choice that challenges us to give out goodness or to retain it. At every juncture of choice we turn inward (at least for a second) and decide to restrict or give – because in truth this is the primitive dynamic in everything we do. We give love to those we feel deserve our love and we give anger

Scoundrels, Sages and the Marketplace

I have this year received a surprising amount of communication concerned with charlatans and fraud, and it is naturally sad to see how so many are being taken for a ride by self declared sages in the various marketplaces we find open to our quest and journey. It is also sad to see true sages being debunked due to the disharmony in the very relationship between teacher and seeker as it is sad to see how many of those being taken for a fraudulent ride chooses to own their anger instead of taking the lesson and move on. I say, if you found a good place; stay, if the place you found is not good; then go.    I have in my own quest amidst the marketplaces found sages, prophets, true friends, brothers and sisters as much as I have found the conmen, thieves, lunatics and the ‘wanna be enemies’. Over the years I have been angry, resented, filled with love and immensely content. Over the years my sense of discernment has become better thanks to the loonies, quacks and impostors enco

72 Degrees of Starblood Marking the Earth

A review of Leo Holmes: LeMulgeton: Goetia and the Stellar Tradition. Fall ofMan . 2013 Amongst the many occult publications that have come to light in recent years there is a tendency towards veiling and obscuration, sentimental journeys of power spread across the pages, revelling in darkness that in the end goes nowhere but back into the chaotic mass is surged from. In this landscape Holmes’ LeMulgeton gives a freshness and solidity that I hope we will see more of. He states the premises of his study clearly, and through an analytic survey of the material at his disposal and interest he presents an analysis and application of the two cuneiform tablets known as MUL.APIN (where the oldest fragments date to around 686 B.C. but are far older than this). The amount of fragments we have at our disposal makes these two tablets amongst the most complete documents we have concerning Sumerian astronomy and astrology, which makes the entry point of this book very interes