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The Living Goetia of St. Cyprian the Mage

A Review of Jake Stratton-Kent’s The Testament of Cyprian the Mage. With the third and final part in Jake Stratton-Kent’s Encyclopaedia Goetica titled The Testament of Cyprian the Mage Jake have come full circle in redefining the Goetic fundamentals that lies at the root of the Western Tradition at large. Jake have in this concluding double volume literally soaked the bones of the Western Tradition with the life-giving blood of memory and wisdom, all too often forgotten. He has forged this memory in the icon of Cyprian, the saint and mage, the healer and sorcerer in the likeness of King Solomon. In this way Cyprian serves both as symbol and archetype of the fusion of the Greek Shamans and the clandestine sorcery priests that found their heaven in Church and monastery. In the icon of Cyprian Jake is binding the ink and legacy of monasteries in with the image of the goetic mage in spirit frenzy to allow the blood of a living tradition to flow forth from bones and boo

Sacred Alchemy Store

Sacred Alchemy Store was today on the 9 th of April inaugurated on a time astrologically elected to gain favour from the stars, in this case from Venus, who also happens to be the planetary ruler of my nativity. The astrologer William Lilly (1602 – 81) says that Venus signifies a man not given to quarrel or wrangling, but is rather about the pleasantries of the world with ‘Loving Mirth in his words’.  Venus owns several evergreens, such as myrtle and prefers greenwood of a sweet and pleasant scent. She is the Lilly, deadly and euphoric, it be of valley or water. Apples, roses and all sorts of sweet fruits like figs and apricots belong to her as does mugwort, walnuts and oranges. She is the hart, the Panther and the nightingale, swan and black coloured birds like the Pye. Venus rules gardens, fountains, waterfalls and bride chambers and any place and thing beautiful.  She is red coral and lapis lazuli. But Venus is also the planet of concord and of increase, she is the constant re

The Noble Pilgrim

Everyone in the world is in search for something good for themselves. After all life is a joyous adventure amidst triumph and challenges, situations and opportunities. Speaking of goodness, it is important to define this idea further. We all have an idea of what goodness is, mediated by opinions formed upon experience and information. The idea of goodness can range from envisioning Holy Men like the Dalai Lama and acts of kindness done to other beings. But goodness can also be about striving towards grasping blessings, luck and it can also be about finding oneself in a position of taking advantage of a situation as much as it can be about money, possessions and aspirations. As the neo Platonic traditionalist I am, Plato often moves ghostly in the caverns of my mind, and in terms of goodness Plato’s Form of Good is vital for understanding goodness. For Plato, the Form of Good was equalled with Truth and Beauty and reflected on source and origin of all forms and ideas.  The