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Exu & The Lucky Tavern

Exu is about luck. Luck is a state and it is a daimon . Luck reveals itself in a state of affirmation of opportunity where you praise luck, both others and your own. By praising the luck of others you are celebrating the daimon of luck. The daimon of luck is perhaps better known as ‘Chance’, from the Latin cadentia, which means ‘what falls out’ in reference to the game of dice or other games of chance and luck. Fortune is intimately tied in with the mystery of luck and her wheel is given motion by accidental turns that favor people in a seemingly random way. Hence the king of today might be the fool of tomorrow.  Luck and chance is also related to the Latin ‘sors’ and by linguistic development ‘ sorte ’, which in the modern vernacular means ‘luck’ and ‘chance’ – but ‘sors/sorte’ is also the root of sortilege, to cast lots – and here intimately related to fate and ways of twisting and turning Fate. Sortilege was also one of the activities of witches that were punishable by de

The Recreation of Self

We are born and with our birth a gathering of souls take hold of our body and watch the world through the senses. We feel alive, because we are born into a world of mystery. Curious we rise up and we walk, exploring the worlds of body and soul. As we walk the world, explore it – the question of ‘who am I” and “why am I here” tend to surface as the mind starts to provoke the soul with a particular spirit – it is the spirit of the hunter and the hero. It is a call to find our Self and our purpose. It is a call to Fate and Fortune. In our curiosity we ask then to show themselves – but it is not so easy, because they are cosmic oils and scents – a compass of rewards and lessons, that guides us in mysterious ways towards our happy destiny. As we walk the world, some of us get lost in various ways and some mistake their true station for specters and phantasms in alien deserts. Yet others believe that we all can, by the power of ambition, stretch out and be like our fellow beings in

Rosh ha Sitan and the transitions of Lilith

Lilith, originally a spirit of hostile winds in the Arabian Peninsula became a devourer of children, a succubus and finally a Queen of vampires. First wife of Adam according to ben Sira and a hostile demon Queen according to The Zohar.  Lilith was a foreign spirit, and intruder, charms were made to ward her off - and angels were sent to stop her breeding lilins into the world. The angelic messengers had to make a truce and an agreement – she was here to stay. She rose from being a spirit fated to die, like a dinosaur – but still her legacy and prominence spread across the worlds as history advanced. The more bloodshed and havoc we find – the more Lilith we also find.    Lilith rose to prominence in the world from the shades of storms and bad augurs. Over time she has been associated with the Moon, with Venus, the mother of Djinn and the mother of Sidhe (‘fairies’). She has been approach as a succubus – or their mother, as a Specter and a Sorceress. From Sumer and Chald