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Mostrando postagens de fevereiro, 2015

Freedom and the Judgment

Freedom and judgment have one thing in common, they are words we are using in reference to something that supresses us, even when we believe freedom doesn’t supress. With suppression I mean anything that questions our purpose, worth, station or valour and seek to control these realms if they are found to be outside the accepted norms of some moral or social law. We find here a polarity between freedom and judgment. I believe we all want to breathe in freedom – save for those who judge and set the laws – that seeks to restrict. In the will to freedom and its restriction we find the cosmic pulse of life and death, and between the beats life goes on. And here in the offbeat – what we know as life – it is all about acting and reacting so we can understand the soul hidden deep within the stone of philosophical possibility. In this offbeat we live out our lives and question everything, but as Derrida commented knowledge is a fickle thing, because we can never be sure that what we

This Occult World...

… is a microcosm and a speculum on which we understand the world outside, the world below and the world above. The shit-storms still happen and the misunderstandings dances around in diabolic delight – just as in the world we call ‘profane’, orderly or civilized. In this little cauldron of occult soup we find the world at its extreme. We find the hater who seeks to kill you, we find the righteous ones that set out to detonate you and we find the judge who seeks to govern the world because of some oedipal complex. The ‘Occult World’ is not a Golden Age, it is living Hell intensely so we can get closer to the nerve of who we are and understand all possible worlds in this way. We tend to think that in a world where everyone is searching ‘enlightenment’ and ‘knowledge’ we will find one another, but nah, the bridges that crosses from a dark soul to a bleeding heart will bring you deeper down and what was confidence broken will unleash hell… As the good Bernard of Clair

The Spiritual Beggar and the Work with Spirits

I have been pondering for some time what wordings such as ‘I work with so and so spirit’ and ‘when I asked so and so spirit to give me a work opportunity I got it’ really imply. What is truly at play in asking favours from spirits and to ‘work with spirits’? When you find yourself in one of the crossroads of life searching the palace of opportunity and resort to magic or summoning to move gently through the valley of tribulation to gain open doors, what is going on in this very moment when you approach strange spirits and ask favours? So, allow me to share some musings and thoughts on these themes. I have for some time been intrigued with the mystery of begging and what goes on in the cheap taverns of life and with beggars there are two things that at random intervals shows itself as unique and interesting, matters we perhaps rarely pay attention to because the beggar is only something swift and passing that many pay to get rid of – or pay to help. One factor is the ble