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This Occult World...

… is a microcosm and a speculum on which we understand the world outside, the world below and the world above. The shit-storms still happen and the misunderstandings dances around in diabolic delight – just as in the world we call ‘profane’, orderly or civilized.

In this little cauldron of occult soup we find the world at its extreme. We find the hater who seeks to kill you, we find the righteous ones that set out to detonate you and we find the judge who seeks to govern the world because of some oedipal complex.

The ‘Occult World’ is not a Golden Age, it is living Hell intensely so we can get closer to the nerve of who we are and understand all possible worlds in this way.

We tend to think that in a world where everyone is searching ‘enlightenment’ and ‘knowledge’ we will find one another, but nah, the bridges that crosses from a dark soul to a bleeding heart will bring you deeper down and what was confidence broken will unleash hell…

As the good Bernard of Clairvaux said the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, because good intentions is somehow the passport into the mysteries – and then we screw up – inviting in restrictions learned from the society we falsified, just to give ourselves some sort of control or domination of what we can’t understand.

The hunt for knowledge is riddled with confusion and naturally when we meet someone and converse with them the confusion finds an increase or solution, just like it does in the world at large. And as it is in the world at large, that profane thing the occultist despise they recreate a shadow world of restriction, singing praises to chaos and antinomian powers so they can tell you are wrong or right, not seeing that the all worshipful chaos have made them orderly and dogmatic in a severe and restrictive way…

It is tiresome, because I am not an occultist; I am someone who uses occult philosophy to make my life better so I in turn can make your life better. I am not interested in your shortcomings or faulting philosophies, but in your heart, love and presence of spirit, so we can get a hang of any world together.

I mean raise a finger and you do raise a point – and in this moment the natural question should be who is this being raising a finger and a point?

Shouldn't the hidden being revealed make us all to see that we are hen (One)?  It doesn't, because in the ‘occult world’ the appetite for power is stronger than the appetite for community and commonality. The occult world brings us the best of lovers and the best of warriors, the worst of despots and the worst of politicians…

At times it seems to me that the natural law, as in natural philosophy, which was the arcane term for occult science is forgotten in favour of social ambition veiled in a nice pagan dress of deception where the social valour’s of ambition and domination is still alive, just to kill the memory of the Golden Age and restrict freedom in the name of bleak punishment where clowns and brutes install themselves as governors and kings. It is a sad shitty world, just like the profane world we try to create a distance from.

But I refuse to accept this, because in this occult soup I have found love and even more love, struggle and epiphanies amongst the brutes of dogma and the hijackers of truth. Like the world at large the occult world invites connections, liaisons of love and friendships, nepotism and truth. The occult world is a mirror, a reflection, of worlds vertical and horizontal – it is an imaginary world and as the world at this point is still an imagination we can twist and turn this into a desire of love or revolt – as we wish.

The Occult world is a cauldron of possibility, but I for one will always anchor my despair, misery and confusion in those sandbanks and skeletons of love that some of us finds weak and ridiculous. I will always choose love as the nail in my patient compass, because with patience and in a spirit of love I will see my friends and lovers more clear than those that rises from their torment and wishes to share they suffering with me.     

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