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Lovers in the Forest of Symbols

“Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death. ” - Anaïs Nin -          As we walk the paths and tracks of life there is a constant urge within that asks us if we should stay or move on at every waymark and fork in the road. The choice to stay, to make the sojourn at an oasis of pleasure, bane or blessing is given at all times – and with this death comes as a shady friend to ask us to stay and accept the state encountered.   Our journey in the world brings meetings with other pilgrims, journeymen and lovers – here worlds can collide or merge. In our journey we all take on guides – willingly or by our acts and declarations to the world – and our guiding stars and the intelligence of our daimon will prepare the unique map that is your life – a journey of a thousand possibilities... At times we restrain our selves, because we do not want to lose ourselves.  Qu

Seven Flaws in Mike Howards’ "Children of Cain"

Or;  Why this broom is not taking flight… “Witchcraft is something like gardening, something like cooking; it is a little bit of everything starting off with the basic ingredients. We are the stew or potage in the cauldron, the roots, the trunk, the leaves and the tree. It is dependent on ourselves how we flourish or wither with the winter’s storm.” – Robert Cochrane (quoted from Shani Oates: The Star Crossed Serpent) To define traditional witchcraft, a term Robert Cochrane coined, is not an easy task – and making a historical study of its key personage is quite hopeless unless you have access to the total array of the many legacies intended to be studied. Traditional Witchcraft is always followed by an unwritten history – its shadow where truth lies and blossom only amongst those sworn to protect the truth and its light. This factor alone makes the kind of historical account Howard attempts to present here impossible – at best biased and distorted. In ‘The Children of Cain’, rec

St. Sebastian; Lover of Dignity

Do not what you desire -   do what is necessary.   Take all you are given -   give all of yourself.   What I have I hold!   When all else is lost, and not until then,   prepare to die with dignity. -         +   Robert Cochrane Ifá states that we are all born good and blessed. Baudelaire said in one of his prose writings that we are all marked for evil. I believe both are right. Ifá further describes iwa – conscience or mind as immature and curious. I believe this is right. And then we have Eros, devil of Venus of the winged heart with arrow and bow that makes life a dance of growth and love. In this dance we are constantly charged in relation to the promise of birth and our mark – in other words there is a battle between manifesting our immortality and sharing our immortality – but not sharing so much that we experience a loss of Self. In this enters the essence of Lilith which frustrates our desires and Self concepts. She dares us to be ruthlessly honest. This is why s

Fate Flows in Liquid Space

  “I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living” -          -   Anaïs Nin I live in the woods, but I love the Ocean. I love the Ocean so much that I married her.  I am married to the Ocean, to La Siren and I have no fear of depth, but I have fear of the shallowness of disenchanted life. When She is moving your life you live always in a sanctuary of blood and waters where the profundity of the waters is never grasped. This is how our journey and destiny should be, a lantern showing the rainbow and pot of gold at the end of the liquid space of possibility. This is life. Life is not a road, it is space, aerial, liquid or fiery – but our terrestrial journey makes us often narrow in sight… You can call it whatever you want:  it be your will, your destiny, the bane the Fates gave to you, your mission or vision, your curse and your blessing.  Nothing really changes from the celestial dictate that tells you are unique and singular. There is no equ