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Life-Coaching at Sacred Alchemy

At Sacred Alchemy Store we are now offering life-coaching long distance using Skype.

The format of coaching we offer is not confined to a single parameter of orientation and strategies, but draws on a multiplicity of techniques in its fundamentally cognitive-behavioural approach leading to what I have called awareness oriented coaching.

In simple terms this form of coaching which will address patterns of thought and behaviour that sabotage our efficiency as social actors and hinders us in reaching our goals with a distinct focus on the present aiming towards increased self-awareness and self-efficiency and in this the ultimate goal is a greater mastery of Fate through developing tools for coping with life and shape identity with greater precision.  

Coaching will be done by me, Nicholaj, who have studied psychology at the University of Trondheim, Norway, specialised in social psychology and behaviourism.  In addition to this I have a decade of therapeutic experience from several hospitals and institutions of mental health, with a particular expertise of OCD, schizophrenia and schizoid sufferings, likewise a decade as a therapist in facilities that offer rehabilitation from addiction.

Naturally it is also proper to mention my own interest in traditional faiths that have led to a focus on developing good character and tranquility of the mind as a strategy in its own right to cope with life and its challenges, which invites in a more holistic perspective.
Finally I also want to mention that I find language private and unique to the one using it, hence the words and imageries we are using when we try to converse and communicate are factors of importance in how we narrate life and experiences and is an important aspect of how this form of coaching develops over the course of the sessions.

This means that the coaching we offer, being of a behaviourist and cognitive orientation will bring in factors that bring attention to our self-awareness, crucial to our self-efficiency. From this approach it is possible to offer a great variety of coaching’s it be about matters personal, spiritual, blockages or efficiency, all in this field of self, purpose and what lies ahead and how to get it.

Point being, a coaching session is about you and what you need to be a more efficient and self-aware actor in your life and it thus follows that we can offer coaching in fields as diverse as:

Life situations in general

We offer single sessions and also a pack of five sessions to a reduced cost. It is however important that you who wish to contract this service write me on beforehand on sacred.alchemy.store@gmail.com or nicholaj@gmail.com  This because the amount of clients I am able to take on will be limited in order to secure quality of this work. This because I am taking measure to give the needed attention to each and everyone, hence the amount of clients cannot override my capacity. Also, it is important to have the case presented to me prior to starting the coaching so a best possible direction can be worked out already from the beginning.

Everything done is naturally bound in any and every code of confidentiality and when need arises a contract to such end will be issued.



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