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Focus of Life

Constantly we allow ourselves to be defined by the other, a natural dance between potential and becoming where the Self gradually reveals itself, a mysterious core that it is own cause and effect. Knowledge of Self leads to acceptance and acceptance of this knowledge leads to mastery of self. In Mastery of Self we find the Focus of Life where devil and saint is twined on the same axis and generates peace. Mastery of Self comes with simplicity and compassion, naturally, effortlessly, because there is nothing to defend from the threat of the other. Life is a series of changes and life is very much like a river as Lao Tzu perceived it. The more we flow with the current and seek to understand and take interest in its movements instead of resisting it the more we will stay as the captain of our Soul.

We are constantly bombarded with opinions and judgments and it is not always so easily to not take it personally. But an opinion is a judgment formed by one perceiver of a limited series of events measured on a rich luggage of morals, ethics and personal history. We should only accept such opinions and take them personal if it comes from someone who is truly committed to our wellbeing, someone who is motivated by love. Naturally, all accusations and opinions we might benefit from giving an ear to, but this ear should not be choleric or in a state of anticipation of the need to defend oneself. Choosing to listen we should first pass the judgment of truth on the opinion. If it is not true, then discard it, if it is true and it bothers you; make a deliberate statement of change. Change for your sake, not for the others.

I think in this we find the essence of freedom, freedom is absence of slavery or unwilling submission to an external controlling force. Freedom, is a reign where you are the King and Queen, and your reign is recognized by the absence of fear.

Fear is the big enemy of freedom and Mastery of Self, fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of what others think. Fear is the abyss taking shapes that terrifies and cripples, the cement in any self-created prison, the soul of any self-born demonic entity that do not seek to work in our favour. Fear hates true freedom…and respects only Self-knowledge.

Many fear freedom because the oppressed or enslaved one rarely dream of the absence of these forces, but more often to oppress the oppressors and enslave the tyrant. This is not freedom. This is fear and it is despair. Nelson Mandela understood this vital message after being released from prison; he couldn’t stay in that environment of fear and unnerving anger if he wanted freedom. Ion smaller scales I see people giving up their power to others all the time, becoming enslaved by people’s opinions in becoming reactive and in that very moment a part of the hateful opinion.

The Self watches confused through the eyes of the Ego as the storm of emotions and feeling son injustice unsettles the soul and distort the perception, Self Mastery becomes more distant as the captain of the Soul is now occupied with riding of a storm that was never his to deal with, but was nevertheless invited in.

Know Thyself is the Great Work and indeed it is a project, a process and the storms should teach us to show more care with our inner peace and keep focus on the good things, counting our blessings and see curses as the source of lessons that teaches us how to reap more blessings in in this amazing river known as life.

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