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The Mysterious Addictions

Two matters have simultaneously caught my attention the last days, one is concerning the relationship between negative vibrations and truth and the other is concerning addictions. For this I thank my elders that relentlessly educate me and help me seeing the beauty in this world I perhaps too often find too hopeless, macabre, rotten and absurd.

It is quite wicked how this our mysterious world of formation and manifestation works on us, caught in matter our inner light gets as dim as the light of stars. It is like the distance to our starry soul is as enormous as the light-years between Tellus and Spica. This is not so, because distance is ultimately a question of perception.

I rarely participate in discussions with people, because so many of us do not like the dialogue a discussion implies – rather it is exercises in soliloquy aiming to convince the speaker and not the opponent - - but I digress – in one of these forums, I read a commentary about a person feeling attacked and he stated that he felt a negative light was thrown over his sublime reputation in his profession and stated that he was ‘a speaker of the truth.  It really doesn’t matter who said or where, my point is related to what one of my elders spoke to me about recently, namely addictions. He told me that we are prone to “addictions like drugs, smoking, food, complaining and negative vibrations of all kinds.” I have been working with addictions in capacity as a therapist for a decade – but the light of truth blazed through me and I realized that yes, indeed – this African Sage spoke the truth. Because truth is not about facts, it is about a perception of the facts that sees the colours of light for what it is – and calls a duck a duck and a fool a fool – without passing judgments or being infested with any form of negative vibration. I asked myself – to what extent can we speak the truth if we see only with the sinister - or dexter eye? And to what extent can we say that we are free from addiction to subtle forms of negativity as quarreling, drama, condemnation, complaining and so forth when we have negative responses to our being in the world? These forms of addictions here that are on the emotional continuum always unleashes in anger, passive or direct – and self loathing projected upon the world where we desperately search out scapegoats.

It is easy for us modern men and woman to be overcome by negativity. We need constant reminders that we are all stars, that we are all blessed and that the world is good - if we let it be good - as Ifá says in one of the verses in Eji Ogbe:

Orunmila says we should measure the length
And measure the breadth of things
The hand reaches much higher than the head
And the young palm fronds extend much higher
Than the old palm fronds
But no forest is so dense that the Iroko tree
Cannot be seen
And no celebration is so loud that the gong cannot
be heard

I mean, when we feel attacked, when we feel the world is absurd, if we feel we are living in a threatening world of evil and antagonism – can we really perceive truth and thus speak of it? Are you addicted to negative vibrations – if so, what it does with your perception of the truth? 

May Our eyes be opened so we see The Light of Goodness
May Our heart be vibrant so we can feel the Love in the lands and Heavens
May We supersede our own expectations
May We not fear any enemy, within or without
May We cast the brightest Light on the darkest Shadows
May Our light be cast in the darkest cavern
May Our Light blaze in Love’s victory throughout all Lands
Infernal, Celestial and Temporal

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A Quimbanda FAQ

In this article I will try to answer some questions concerning Quimbanda that surfaces with frequency. Questions concerning how to work this cult solitary and somehow dislocated from the cultural climate of understanding here in Brazil are frequently asked as are questions concerning the magical tools, such as guias, patuás and statues, available to the general public. I want to be initiated in Quimbanda, how do I proceed with that? When we speak of initiation in the perspective of Quimbanda we are speaking of a true and intense merging with spirit that involves a pact/agreement, a spirit vessel (assentamento), ordeal and oath. There are elements used in this process that are common to every house/terreiro/cabula/lineage of Quimbanda that reveals a common origin. There are different varieties of Quimbanda in Brazil, and the expression of the common root, will always depend of the constellation of spirits we find in the tronco. In other words, a ‘Casa de Exu’ that is dominated

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Quimbanda is a cult centred on the direct and head on interaction with spirit, hence developing mediumistic skills and capability in spirit trafficking is integral and vital to working Quimbanda. Possession is a phenomenon that intrigues and also scares. After all we have all seen movies like The Exorcist and other horror thrillers giving visual spectacles to how hostile spirits can take over the human body, mind and soul in intrusive and fatal ways. But possessions do find a counterpart in the shamanic rapture as much as in the prophet whose soul is filled with angelic light that makes him or her prophetic. Possession is not only about the full given over of your material vessel to a spirit that in turn uses the faculties of the medium to engage various forms of work. Inspiration, dream and to be ‘under the influence’ are potentially valid and worthy avenues for connecting with spirit. Yet another avenue for good spirit trafficking is the communion, or what Jake Stratton-Kent ca


Our next Quimbanda Workshop will take place in Extrema, Minas Gerais, Brazil from the 1st day of October to the 4 th of October 2020. The workshop is initiatic in nature. It means that parts of the initiatic process used in our house of Quimbanda will be used for the purpose of connecting you with your personal Exu and Pomba Gira, but also with Exu Omolu who is the Exu presiding over this step pf the process.  The aim is to forge a true connection with your personal Exu/Pomba Gira through Omolu in such way that you will during these days enable yourself to forge a genuine connection with spirit. This means that this first step is about you and your personal relationship with your Exu and Pomba Gira, hence at this point you will not make a commitment to the cabula/temple like the lifelong pact of loyalty a Tata or Yaya pledges. This first step is something you do for yourself, to become an autonomous practitioner capable of taking care of your Exu and Pomba Gi