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Building the Scintillating Body

A review of: +Palamas:  Spirit Builders. Transmutation Publishing. 2015

Spirit Builders is an impressive tome. It contains everything relevant to the ritual part of the rite of Memphis and Misraim in terms of how to awaken the powers within each of the 97 grades and degrees.

As for the rites themselves, +Palamas have limited himself to the ‘primitive’ presentation of each degrees with commentaries upon each degree relevant to the approach of Free Illuminism. What is contained in this is basically a one on one direct meeting and merging with the mysteries outside the circle squares as it would be in a traditional Masonic lodge.

Hence, what becomes vital in this voluminous tome is to understand the approach itself, as the essence of the rituals themselves is well presented. And in this we find the idea of initiation as a form of awakening to a process that brings on an energetic harmony between body, soul and the mystical experience itself, what + Palamas call ‘a souldream’.

The Free Illuminist approach is completely Esoteric and void of Hierarchy and structures of authority, rooted in a belief that spiritual growth cannot or are severely hindered within an authoritarian structure. Hence we need to realize that +Palamas is presenting a non-traditional, non-hierarchical Esoteric angel to the secrets of M+M aiming towards unlocking these powers and realizations within specific fields of energetic resonance in the body known as point chauds – or hot points (similar to the concept of marmas and chakras, energetic gateways where a multiplicity of nerves meet and realization and spirit contact can occur).

+Palamas writes on page 14 that: “It is to the creative mind and to those with a spirit of inquiry that Free Illuminism holds the most appeal” – and this is important to keep in mind assessing this work and its presentation of the ‘primitive doctrine of Memphis and Misraim’. The technique +Palamas used in this work was scrying, so from the battery of the degree, password and sign the corresponding point chaud is then activated in various ways to open this gateway that instigate the initiatic experience of the degree researched.  

Hence we are here speaking of a magical reconstruction rooted in occult research and direct experience of the mystery itself. This approach will when the work is done lead to a unique expression of the mystery worked with, an ontological exercise in understanding one’s own spiritual landscapes.

This approach to the mysteries, namely occult engineering and magical reconstruction, was greatly developed by Michael Paul Bertiaux and her continued by +Palamas through the work done by T Allen Greenfield. And it is imperative to emphasize that this is a particular approach not focused on exercising dogma, but a scientific attitude that is focused on occult research into doctrine and mystery. 

I feel it is important to stress this, because this has been a constant obstacle for many to even bother understanding the legacy of Michael Bertiaux, namely the experimental, non-traditional approach to the mysteries. So, in the same fashion Spirit Builders is a child of this very same succession of thought and occult approach to the mysteries where old terms gain new and personified meaning as the unique experience in the collective field of multidimensional mysteries are understood in a given lattice of illumination. 

Hence we need to see Spirit Builders as a consequence of this particular approach, where SpiritBuilders, just like Bertiaux’ Vodoun Gnostic Workbook turns into a research paper spanning 97° of illumination shared with the world with the purpose of stimulating further research and experimentation, both to uncover potential mysteries – but also to facilitate ownership of the work itself. 

You find Transmutation Publishing here: http://www.transmutationpublishing.com/spirit-builders/

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