Workings of Magic; Its Wonders and Disappointments

Magic is an Occult Science, not much difference from the field of Epigenetics when it comes to understanding what Giordano Bruno spoke of as the bond between things that causes attraction and rejection and how new bonds can be formed and the unexpected happening. And indeed, this is how complex the magical art is.
There are two field related to magic that tend to confuse many of us, these two realms are ‘the miraculous’ and ‘the powerful’.

When doing or asking for a magical work sometimes the expectation is the miraculous – and certainly this can occur. A miracle is these wonders that happen that makes us smile in awe. Yet miracles happens when we are already on the right track and the work done is giving that push needed to blaze open a path that is already realized. Or they can be the sudden healing from a simple prayer that has no explanation except for the sincerity of a bad person… because the miraculous is not about merit…

The Miraculous

Magic CAN cause miracles, but the miracle is also dependent on alignment and rhythm. It depends on the power of acceptance and potential of action in the one that is doing the work or the one a work is done for.

For instance; you make a work for love, but the love you want is a love that doesn’t love you. Is this a work of love? Or you make a work to thwart justice, whilst you know you are to blame; are you doing a work of justice?

Everybody lies and everybody feels they deserve better, at least this is what words speak as we try to convince ourselves. But words rise from this boneyard of memory we keep within and our bones know better – it is that ol’ Devil Saturn – gracious and knowing that call us to our senses and question our truth and logic; through the memory of our bones.

This is important, because we need to be completely in agreement with the work done for it to have any effect. Ifá has a proverb (paraphrased for this article): ‘Spirit can only give what we allow to enter’ in the sense of if we feel underserving of the love we are craving, we will also deny it to enter, no matter how many magical workings we are doing.

This disappointment is quite simply explained. It is about working erroneous magical bonds. In this case it is about presenting a wish with no consideration of how this wish can travel towards you. As I have had countless requests about bringing back a lost love, what I see in the majority of these cases is that the one still feeling ‘love’ is in truth feeling ‘loneliness’ or ‘obsession’. The object of desire is long gone and there is a wish for this past to resurface again, but not for the sake of love, but for loneliness and sadness to evaporate. Hence what is happening here is that you think you work a bond of Venus, while your entire being and your desire along with it – is steeped in Saturn.

In short any love marked by melancholy holds a bond to Saturn as any obsessive an erratic love holds a bond to Mars. If you work Venus in this you work the wrong bond.

The occult philosophy that informs magic need to arrive to the nature of these bonds, because if one person insist on Venus while it is really a bond of Saturn we are speaking of, well no working will have the desired effect. It will be like taking the wrong train over and over again, sure you reach some destination, but not the one you aimed for. A magical working needs to be precise and as any precise science if we err in the parameters we do not reach the goal, but we can discover other wonders in our miscalculations. Anyway, we always receive what we allow in, and what enters often knows better what we allow in than we do. 

A miracle is cause by harmony, not a dance between desire and reality and the resistance and insistence coming from it.

The Powers

When we do a working with a spirit with a given intent, for a precise purpose I have found that many never consider what is going on in the interaction or bargain itself. Whenever I see some dude telling that he can turn shit into gold or see the death of your enemies just by appealing to his spirits, just because he have made some pact or whatnot I giggle. For sure we can make pacts with spirits that can aid us in doing miracles and accomplish great things, but at the end of the day, at some point any abused spirit, like any abused human or animal will strike back. People who make endless pacts with spirits end up as the slaves of these same spirits. People who only resort to living spirit when they need something will end up with empty hands. I am not on par with the ‘oh’ spirits are our friends’ thing some people have going on, rather I revere powerful spirits as powerful allied and it is on me to ensure that our alliance is good for both sides denying any dysfunction on either part.

When we manage to establish such connections we tend to treasure them and we somehow become reluctant to display spiritual and material greed and instead we ask them to teach us.
And so, doing a magical work using powerful spirits, will it work? It usually does, but it also has a cost, like any friendship and alliance (if you don’t get this, go and think a bit about relationships at large).

And following this, Palo Mayombe and Quimbanda both have reputations of giving fast and expedient results, no matter what. Yet, in both cases this power rests on work done to establish this alliance and we end up with powerful allies that are their own masters and no slave to anyone. Hence, any work aiming towards bending such potencies to your will might not always work out as you expected, because when you deal with fire and power, intelligent spirits that doesn’t need you and start to beg for favours… well sometimes this is like a beggar asking boons from a Prince, it might happen or not, and honestly what I have seen over the years is that when we deal with powerful spirits our character is important, if you are a shit they might entertain your foolishness for some time, but if you strive to measure up we have a company amongst equals, because our relationship with spirit is not much different from the relationship we have with plants, beasts and other humans. The more good will we enjoy in these realms the more good will we tend to attract from spirit.