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Spirit Workers

Many of us seek magical solutions when life gets hard, but in truth no ‘God’ will not give you what you can’t give yourself, nor give what you can attain by your own divine effort and honest assessment of a situation that reveals the tools and solutions.

When life gets rough some of us run towards someone who claims to possess powers or are in the league with some powerful spirit – or makes part of the right ‘party’ or ‘religion’. The common requests are about binding an unwilling object of desire, to get rid of mess you yourself created or to get out of a situation you yourself authored.

All this is fine, magic can bind an unwilling lover and silence any opposition, but unless honesty in what is going on is exercised, it will all be just a band aid.

As a person who do magic works for people I avoid trashing or blaming the client for ineffective works - because it does happens – but when you are there rubbing your beard wondering why the technology applied that always worked did not worked this time – you also start to assemble the steps you took and the request or intent given. Sometimes you realize you had too little information and made a work less precise that needs correction. Other times you realize that the desire and explanation given to you was not really truthful. It was more about a desire, thwarted in its linings, hence the goal was missed. As a coach and a therapist I have seen this with some frequency, what we want and what we need to get what we want, are not always beating the same drum…

So, let me say this; A magical work is a careful analysis of the situation and its bonds, the assessment of what is truly wished for and then to start to work these bonds with care and attention. In truth it is a natural, yet occult practical philosophy that lies at the root in how to understand and manipulate forces and vibrations, sentiments and desires against the lattices and matrixes of what is possible to manifest.

This means that when the intent is presented with deceptive information; deceptive the result will be and this is why the beginning of any successful magical work will start with some form of divination. In doing this the situation stated is gaining light by external forces (ideas, spirits, planets etc) or subliminal forces (your own daimon, kako and/or agathao). In doing this we establish a full landscape of forces active in the field that we seek to solve and in gaining this bigger picture and greater landscape we can realize what is truly at play. So for instance, the most popular request when it comes to magical workings, ‘bring my lover back to me’ is never as simple as making a padé to Pomba Gira and make the binding spell on top of the gifts. We need to get a bit more zen and realistic with what is going on when we deal with the world of spirits, because as above so below and that goes for all four sides of the compass. A relationship and an interaction are ruled by similar forces and sentiments it be between factors just material or factors spanning dimensions, visible an invisible. It is all about the bond we make, the favours we gain and use, our character and exploitation of others to seek our own pleasure and end. 

Let us continue with the most popular of spell requests, ‘lover come back to me’. It is in its proposition complicated, because in seeking to have your lover back you do need to address your own love, behaviour, attitudes and how you guarded this love as much as you need to be aware of how this love slipped out from your hands. Because if you don’t have love to give to yourself, how can you demand this from another? It is a thwarted bond and in this we find a breaking point and the bonds involved there that should be worked, not the desire to bind someone to you, because something ‘other’ would perhaps bring desire into realization. Likewise, another popular request is about court cases. So Joe made a scam and was caught; now Joe wants to get rid of the energies he attracted. That is something that can be easily done, but it is done more easily when the scam is admitted instead of presenting things like, ‘oh but I had the right to those belongings that’s why I stole them’.  In this additional information we will work very different magical solutions, to make an innocent man clean and make a guilty man run free is both rooted in justice and law, but the occult methodology will be very, very different. Yet, no work should be met with judgment, we all want something good for ourselves, yet in reaching for what is good, honesty is truly important so what is really at play can be tuned and brought into motion and the song of joy…   

This means that expectation is the Mother of disappointment, because when your desire is to have the return of your long lost lover in passionate embrace manifest in renewed contact we tend to be disappointed instead of seeing the seed of success - and disappointment as well as excess of desire are forces that spill and destroy results. Magic can at times be a slow process and several small precise works to adjust something is often better than a bomb giving casualties.   

A work of Magic is a delicate thing and as any statistical analysis, as any surgery a margin of error, of the unexpected must be calculated.  The more precise our diagnostic and choice of tools are the better and more precise the outcome will be.

For spirit related workings it is all about our relationship with spirit and our understanding of the given spirit that will dictate the outcome. A Babalawo that never tend to his orisas will naturally have slower, no result or unwanted results from a Babalawo that tend to his spirits daily. It all lies in the relationship. The friend you freeload on will at some time close his door on you; it is really as easy as that. Be a person of honour and character and you can do wonders.  The rest is about your aptitude to understand these secret bonds that moves beneath the world and makes it come alive. 

And thus by the virtue of magic and the logical sequence of this article, speaking of Spirit Workers, we have some spirit workers we should sort of forget. But this being said when any kind of market is open the charlatans tend to stumble in to see how they can take advantage, so beside watching the Spirit Workers character and the resonance involved in it all there are three types we should avoid, because any Spirit Worker reflecting any of these three forms have no real understanding of the magic that moves magic.

So for you who are searching Spirit Workers to do magic for you, here are a few advises concerning some typical characters we find out there:

The ‘100% Guarantee’ dude
The only guarantee life gives is that you will die. These spirit workers that promise 100% are clueless and believe they are the Masters of the Universe. If you go to court you have a 50/50, if you go to surgery, even a small one, you have a 70% of success – I would say magic maneuverered well is having a generally high success rate – but 100%... no one can give you that, not even statistics, there is always’ the third factor’ the force we never calculate with that makes nothing 100%.

The ‘I have God/Satan on my side’ dude
Well, the proposition is really not ok, but we have many of them. Oh I am this, I am that, I have worked this and that spirit for years, now I can help you, Exu bought me a house, Sango tore down my enemies…. It just goes on and on; please don’t fall for these kinds of polemic where you submit to someone who claims to hold superior powers. Some do have god given powers, but those who hold them will never speak of themselves in such ways, rather they tend to be simple and modest people realizing that they are what they are because of the relationship and gift they hold to the gift and spirit. It makes the Spirit Worker modest in the greatness of possibility and tends to take the shape of compassion and generosity.

The ‘By giving you Fear you give me Money’ dude
If you are purchasing a work and you are met immediately with something of the effect that ‘there is a great curse upon you’, please seek a second opinion. It might be, but believe me; it is extremely rare, because there are so few people out there that actually have spirit contact enough or knowledge enough to cast an efficient curse. What I have found in examining many such cases is that what Ifá calls Ibí Egùn, a family curse that reveals itself in the repetition of dysfunctional patterns or a self-curse that reveals itself in acting against one’s better judgment or knowledge. Don’t buy the curse just like that.

And so; if you fell for one of these charlatans in the marketplace, so what? No crisis, maybe some pennies less in your pocket, but also a lesson wiser and a capacity for discernment brighter. It is ok to have hopes and desires, to want and to seek completion. Sometimes there is a troll at the bridge masking as a sage, take it, get it and leave it. A lesson wiser always makes you … well…. wiser…

And also, we should remember that no one can give what they don’t have for themselves, so a person who has no love in his or her life, how can this person help you bring love into someone else’s life? A person that repeatedly struggle with paying rent, how can he or she help you with magic aiming towards monetary increase? As above, so below, what we fix in life also mirrors a symmetry and harmony in the invisible realms amidst spirits and stars.

What I want to demonstrate or speak of here as a conclusion is that by instinct or hope, by desire or hopelessness we tend to acknowledge that there is more between ‘heaven’ and earth that only us. In doing a magical work, in asking for a magical work being done we realize that we are not in total control of life. Hence the percentages of unpredictability in doing a magical work finds its life and purpose in this same margin of uncertainty where we can realize goals and miracles, in this liminal space where the visible and invisible meet one hand washes the other as we bring one another forward on this adventurous journey we know as life and the more we are struck with awe the more modest we tend to become, and the more in touch with spirit we are the more the spirit of generosity and good will tend to appear, because if your life gets better, my life gets better, your successful solution to a problem might be a remedy for others. 

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