We Are What We Are?

We all stand on the shoulders of whoever came before us; we speak of ancestry or land these are our two shoulders. We are the living legacy of the past. We embody and act the blessings and the curses, the lessons and the resistance of everything that made us be what we are today.

We think this is always beautiful when we place the monocles to our life and see our good deeds and wonderful aspirations and it all goes grim when we expand our vision and start feeling hot, heavy and delirious with the condition of the world. In those moments we don’t see how our self-doubt is used to the vantage of the rulers of the worlds that do not want you to be comfortable in your little cave of light and darkness. We are always called out, to give an opinion or a judgment – and if we don’t, life do it for us when we are in any form of cue or exchange any idea rooted in difference and concord.

We start to point fingers to acts generated by bad character and greed, yet we don’t see the character flaws and hidden envy in ourselves. We easily see the wrongdoings done in our society, by the politicians that lie to us and the colliding world views that crash cities and ideas with ideals and promises of holiness and change.

We rarely see these are appeals to our holiness and our thirst for change…

We are all the time distracted from paying attention to our own character, our own deeds, words and actions, but we have no problem striding our own white horse, dress the armour of a rpg knight or raise a cowardly face in an ivory tower of superiority made by our own illusions, fears, dramas and aspirations.

It is all just sad, and it gets even sadder when we glorify our failures and our greed, our envy and our lack in stating we are the loving product of our ancestors... because then we would need to admit that we are not from a perfect pedigree but from shafts of wheat that was not always good nor healthy. Our history as a singular being, our history as a human is never a dance of perfection, rather a kaleidoscope of changing contrasts.

Because we all have bad, rotten and evil ancestors and the vibration and spirit that made them make mess, chaos, bring sadness, war and turmoil to our lives still lives in us as moths and butterflies fighting for the attention of fire and water. It is just the way it is and they find their ways to fire and water more easily when we try to understand why.

To hide an envy or a rotten character behind a slogan of ‘oh, well, it is the best my ancestors could make from me’ is atrocious. It is a defeat and in this we reveal intense fatalist sadness in denying change. It is like saying, ‘oh my Sun sign is Lobster, so you know I am doomed to snap at everyone’…

We can always be better, change is always possible, new knowledge brings to us new perspectives and quite often new tools – the problem is always about the willingness to change, the willingness to silence those complaining ancestors, those guilt ridden and victimized ancestors that inspired you to make the bad choice, to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We all have them. They live in Mothers and Fathers perpetuating a dysfunction that denies you happiness in your life. These ancestors are not the best of what you can be, they are forces that should be accepted and acknowledged – but not invited in – because sometimes we celebrate the evil of an ancestor by denying its influence in our life – and in this we start working a peace with the past. This ancestor can be revealed in forms diverse, a trauma, sadness, a negative pattern, a mode of anger or aggressiveness.  Anything we are that holds a negativism might be about you being the one given the power and consciousness to solve some ancestral shit and stop perpetuating it and be the change that appeases your ancestry.

Because we are not a result of the love of ancestor, we are a result of the anger and resent of our ancestors, the compassion and wisdom of our ancestors, the love is ours to understand and forgiveness is ours to give to those who made us and to all those who surrounds us.

The whole idea of having ancestry is not about glorifying anything. It is about understanding where you came from, so you can make a change, betterment or continue what was always good.

These things are so simple, so simple that it is hard to take notice, because while the world is burning, we tend to lose focus on the dots and pawns, the molecules and first breaths that makes up beginnings and continuations. We lose focus on ourselves as we direct all attention to whatever else that has a movement and motion outside of us.

And in this amazing act of turning to the other, so much is about the world at large, we lose our selves and get disillusioned with all the evil and shit we see, witness and experience. So often we get drawn into this and we give back what we see and experience as a negative reaction born from our good heart. It is a horrible circle, a circus of disgrace and yet we stay there, perpetuating those inklings in ourselves that stems from ancestors that seek only iron and clay and makes us sad and we believe our selves to be that sad, hardy resistance we don't want to be anymore.

Like sad, hard and uptight is what we want to be… I believe we all seek happiness, fulfillment and purpose, no matter how dark, drunk, depressed or disillusioned we might be. I believe the root of change lies in acceptance and commitment, in realizing that you are what you are because of those who came before you, because if you don’t like what they made you, in this realization you can alter the current of your life and be you as a knight or dame in truth and of truth, and not a figurehead or puppet in your own life, but the hero in your own life that came to bring a positive change.

To realize that I am such and such because of this and that – this is always only the knowledge you need to understand how you came to your position, to understand is not fatal, it is to realize a crossroad... it is to realize the presence caused by the forces that are tied to your feet, arm, heart and eyes, namely those who came before you. But just because a pattern of dysfunction is realized in this heritage we are not condemned to repeat it, rather, know your story so you do not repeat it and perpetuate what was good in your legacy, because it all lives in you as the living ancestor of what you are, love or regret, hatred of compassion, forgiveness or feud is always left to us to choose...