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The Ink of Stars

Nothing happens to any man that he is not formed by nature to bear.- Marcus Aurelius

Modern man struggles constantly with making sense of the world, making sense of his station in the world – with why his experience of the world is as it is. It is constantly an army of questions invading the life of modern man, questions rooted in the question ‘why’ things are as they are. For traditional men these questions were easily answered – it was all about looking to the stars and realizing the unique celestial imprint that made who you are.

As we entered the modern era astrology had a revival – but in this revival the practical and pragmatic considerations of astrology was forgotten and astrology was reformed on the desires of modern man. It became a tool for soul searching – to disclose who we really are – but classical astrology is about providing the clues all around in your life and dreams that make it possible for you to realize who you are. Let me take one example, close to the heart of many men and women today – how to make sense of suffering, dreams and destiny?

Our life is what we imagined into being.  It is our hopes and dreams, our fears and nightmares coming together as one to bring into existence the particular path oozing forth from your Soul. Imagination is the materia of creation – whatever we are capable of imagining is a potential to be used, abused or discarded.

In classical astrology the 11th house, according to Maternus, is the house of our good daimon, the 12th of the bad daimon – hence we see the fortunate nature of the 11th house and the misfortune assigned to the 12th. These two houses follows as a support for the 10th house that reveals what Fate and fame can give us. It is in this triad the drama of our life play itself out.
Abu Mash’ar tells about the 11th house that it is the house of hope, fortune, riches and fame, whilst the 12th is about suffering and enemies. The 10th is about fortune, reputation and duties – it is a royal house, the kingdom of memories. All this is born from the first house, our horoscope, defined by the rising sign – ‘the ruler over the body and life of a man itself, and all of his undertakings’ (Introductions to Traditional Astrology. Cazimi Press. p. 71).

Our sufferings and our hopes, our enemies and our true friends are all a consequence of Fates dictate in the 1st house where the 10th gives the formulae and restriction to achieve fullness of Fate. There is a certain play between imagination and manifestation in the 11th and 12th house that are ultimately depending on the rules of the game given in the 10th house for effectuating with success the Fate given in the 1st house.

This means that we are all unique variations of divine possibilities written with stellar ink on this earth. The congregation of daimons that arrived at our birth marks our rising star – it gives us the particular dynamic that veils the self and helps us develop individuality. But the rulers of our life and body are not our soul. Our soul resides in the 11th house… which is a house of love.

No matter what Fate dictates, love and eros is that daimonic evanescence that brings us into alignment with Self and Fate. A warrior ruled by hatred is dominated by the 12th house – he will do his duty in ways leading to suffering – a warrior dominated by the 10th house will have a clear sense of purpose and will be ready to accept his Fate at any moment.

To be true to Fate rests in the ability of doing what we do as if it was our last act – it is a reckless abandonment in this and how we should approach life.  This rests on a belief that whatever happens do so because we imagined it or fate dictated it – either way, it is about how we welcome Fate and consequences – as the children and misfits of our own making.

We can of course chose to live in illusion – imaginations own false friend – but this will call upon the 12th house to be active in our life and suffering will be our bane. Better is it to treat all we hear as opinion and all what we see as perspective so we can withdraw to the comfort of the soul to search truth, resting assure that whatever we have of burden and blessings Fate know we can carry it all to the throne of our Happy Fate.

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