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Ifá Medicine and the Alchemy of Attraction

Osé Èrò means ‘powerful herbs that clean’, but in effectuating an energetic clean-up it also invites in the power of attraction.

Osé Èrò is made from osé dudu, or African black soap, which is an ash based product, mainly using the bark and leaves of plantain and cocoa –as well as other herbs such as Shea and Palm oil pods. All vegetalia is sundried and then brought to a process of stirring under heat. Shea butter (which is a natural UV protector) is added to the mixture which is then left aside for two to three weeks to cure.

This is the body of the Osé Èrò, which is already in the state it is a powerful medicine in terms of repelling negativity due to its alchemical transformation of benign plants commonly used to venerate Orí, or our consciousness. These plants as they are, is rich in various vitamins (especially A and E) and enzymes that repair the skin, it be wrinkles, blemishes or eczema and in generally maintains the health of the body. 

So, this product benign for the body and our physical appearance in its own right is what is used as the body for this particular Ifá medicine.

Upon this body is introduced Shea butter, given its association with Orí and the odù Eji Ogbe that holds the virtue of opening roads and pathways, opportunities and avenues of attraction.

This preparation being done we need to assemble the soul of the medicine which is a collection of herbs suitable for the aim. We have Osé Èrò specially designed for each of the sixteen odù meji that is using herbs – and at times items from animal and mineral kingdoms - that is also turned into ashes and serves as the composite of the soul we seek to introduce on this ashen body of natural great properties.

The collection of herbs and items is again going through the same process as the body itself, where heat and fire turns the soul into a black and white ash.

This ash is then infused with spirit as prayers and enchantments proper to odù and intent is presented upon the soul as the ashen herbs are going through another mixture, namely with iyerosun, the yellow divination powder odù is marked on, and then introduced to the body.
The soap is then made wet by a mixture of herbs macerated in alcohol and water and left to soak overnight introducing the element of flow and fluidity to the medicine.

The day after the product is retrieved and infused with more portions of the soul and a cowry shell is affixed to the soap. This cowry shell will over time be infused with the soul of the medicine and will serve as a talisman in its own right, that will expel what the Osé Èrò was design to expel and attract what it was design to attract. 

The Osé Èrò is then ready to do its work in marvelous ways, because its use is in relation to the morning bath. The Osé Èrò starts its work in preparing the body to receive a given attraction. Body to body the mirror of the soul is polished so impurities is literally rubbed of and leaves the body of the one who uses this medicine as a receptacle for a given vibration. As the foam and waters, ash and prayers soak into the skin it affects the soul in often dramatic ways.

We have at Sacred Alchemy Store sixteen varieties of Osé Èrò available, corresponding to odù, but Sacred Alchemy Store is now offering up two more options of this Ifá medicine, one is:

Osé Èrò for attracting love, which is an Ifá medicine using Eji Ogbe to open avenues for meetings of true love and another one that attracts the fullplethora of good fortune. The latter one is using the odù Ogbetura as its soul and is the product of a virtue that has been quickened for three months with daily prayers and enchantments, a soul that has been subject for rigorous discipline.

The Osé Èrò for the full plethora of good fortune is limited to 5 units, while the Osé Èrò for attracting true love will be constantly available. Ase O!  

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